York Entertainment VHS Conversion Service

    The York entertainment vhs County Public Library is now offering an analog to digital VHS tape conversion service. For this service, patrons can bring their home VHS tapes to the library and they will be converted by staff using an analog to digital VHS tape converter software. Patrons are asked to bring one videotape at a time, three times per month. The service will be available until February 2018. Afterwards, patrons can bring their tapes to the library for free.

    For many, the VHS tape offers the nostalgic experience of browsing the video wall in a supermarket. Before there were streaming services, people would walk into a video store, browse the new releases, and look at the employee’s pick of the week. While this tactile selection process is now rare with on-demand rental services, VHS tapes still provide a vast archive of moving images and culture that cannot be found anywhere else.”

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