World Market Charleston SC

    The World Market store in Charleston, South Carolina is located on Orleans Rd 946. The location is open today, but its hours may change during the holiday season. For more information, please call (843) 543-3781. For more locations, visit You can also find World markets in Chicago, IL, and Los Angeles, CA. Read on to learn more about these stores and how to visit them.

    The Charleston location is part of the national chain of Cost Plus stores. World Market has stores throughout the United States and a number of other countries. The Charleston location employs 23 people. There are several ways to shop for furniture and home decor at this popular retailer. You can find a variety of products, from unique gifts and gourmet snacks to kitchen accessories and toys. You can even find the perfect Christmas present for your family.

    World Market is a great place to shop for unique items, including imported food, toys, and unique gifts. There are many different products to choose from, including a variety of imported foods, scented candles, and stylish home decor. You can find everything from rustic wood furniture to stylish coffee tables. You can buy gifts and decorations for the entire house from the store. The staff is always happy to help you find the perfect gifts for your family.

    The World Market is a fantastic place to shop for holiday gifts, including inexpensive but unique items. You can also find fun, interesting gifts and decorations for your home. If you’re planning a trip to Charleston, consider purchasing some unique furniture, such as an attractive coffee table or a stunningly designed accent lamp. In addition to home decor, the store has a wide variety of imported and handmade products.

    You can shop for unique and inexpensive Christmas gifts at World Market. The store also offers a wide variety of unique and beautiful home decor. Whether you’re shopping for a unique gift or looking for the perfect gift for a loved one, you’ll find something that suits their tastes. Regardless of whether you’re shopping for food or décor, you’ll be sure to find the perfect gift at World Market.

    While visiting the World Market Charleston location, you can browse the diverse collections of imported goods, gourmet snacks, and other home goods. The store also carries items made in the U.S. and internationally. Aside from furniture, you can purchase a wide range of items from clothing and home decor to wine. You can even find gifts for your family and friends at the World Market. The store is a great place to shop for gifts for holiday season.

    The World Market Charleston location features a variety of unique and affordable gifts for the holidays. The store is an excellent choice for those seeking unique and affordable gifts. You can also shop for home decor items at the Charleston location. From scented candles to decorative accent lamps, World Market offers an eclectic selection of gift ideas. The stores have a great selection of clothing and home decor. They also have great outdoor furniture and barbecue grills.

    World Market Charleston is a great place to shop for unique products and gifts for family and friends. In addition to imported foods, the store offers gifts for every occasion, including Christmas. It is also a great place to shop for home décor. In addition to clothing and home accessories, the store has a large selection of scented candles and decorative accent lamps. If you’re shopping for a gift for a loved one, consider the World Market Charleston location.

    In addition to furniture, the World Market Charleston location has a wide variety of imported products and gourmet snacks. The stores also feature home decor accessories such as decorative accent lamps and scented candles. Aside from these, the World Market Charleston has a variety of gifts for all types of occasions. They also have a large selection of children’s toys. If you’re looking for a gift for a special someone, you can find a unique and beautiful one at this location.

    World Market Charleston SC


    In addition to offering a variety of imported foods, World Market stores in Charleston, SC also offer a wide selection of unique home decor items and gifts. Customers can find beautiful patterned window curtains, area rugs, decorative accent lamps, scented candles, and rustic wood furniture and beautifully designed coffee tables. The store is located at 98 Ormond St., Charleston, SC. Whether you’re looking for a special gift for a loved one or are simply looking for a stylish way to decorate your home, World Market has what you’re looking for.

    This store specializes in home furnishings and decor and is owned by Cost Plus. Many of the items are imported from other countries and are priced very affordably. You can find clothing, gifts, and home decor for all budgets, as well as wine, craft beer, and gourmet food. This store is also a great place to find a unique gift. A visit to this Charleston, South Carolina, location is sure to be a memorable experience.

    Cost Plus World Market is an American specialty retail chain. It specializes in imported decor and furnishings. The company operates over 250 stores in the United States. The store sells unique gifts and home decor, as well as furniture and outdoor patio sets. They also offer custom furniture and patio sets. Whether you’re looking for a dining room table, a coffee table, or a sofa, there’s something for everyone.

    The brand Cost Plus World Market was founded in 1958 in San Francisco. It specializes in unique and affordable items imported from around the world. They also offer U.S.-made products and accessories. There’s everything from furniture and home decor to jewelry and gifts. Whether you’re shopping for a gift or decorating your house, you’ll find something for every taste. There’s something for everyone at Cost Plus World Market.

    World Market is a specialty retail chain in the United States. It is an excellent place to shop for home decor and furnishings. There are many unique and affordable items available at the store. Its mission is to bring the world to you. Aside from home décor, World Market sells furniture and gifts. It is a great place to buy a gift for friends and family. Regardless of your taste, WorldMarket is sure to please.

    The company is headquartered in Alameda, California. The company specializes in imported home furnishings and decor and operates over 250 locations throughout the United States. Besides its furniture and decor, the chain also carries imported items. The store’s unique selection includes rugs, curtains, and table linens. The price of these items can make them a great gift for loved ones. Several of them can be found at Cost Plus World Market in Charleston, SC.

    World Market is a specialty retail chain. Its original name was Cost Plus World Market. The company has locations across the United States and imports items from around the world. The stores also sell home decor, furniture, and gifts. These stores are known for their international flair and appeal. Whether you’re looking for a beautiful tablecloth, an elegant candle, or something to match a table, you’ll find it at Cost Plus.

    Cost Plus World Market is a fun place to shop. The chain’s international products include wine, gifts, and home decor. Visitors can purchase customized items and browse through different items. There are dozens of different items to choose from. Among the many unique items offered at Cost Plus World Market include outdoor patio sets, rugs, and outdoor furniture. Guests will be able to find the perfect accent piece for any room.

    World Market is a unique place to shop. It offers home decor and furnishings from around the world. In addition to home furnishings, Cost Plus World Market also offers unique gifts, jewelry, and accessories for any occasion. There’s something for everyone at World Market. The store’s mission is to provide affordable quality products and service to shoppers from around the world. Its goal is to offer unique items at affordable prices.

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