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    One of the best parts of visiting a World Market store is the vast selection of unique gourmet and international items. From colorful candies to rustic wood furniture, there is an endless variety of items to choose from. The store also has an excellent assortment of kitchen appliances, jewelry, and children’s toys. There’s something for everyone at World Market! Here are a few of the many reasons to shop at a WorldMarket store near you:


    World Market is owned by Cost Plus, a specialty retail chain based in California. It sells home furnishings, decor, and gifts, as well as wine, beer, and other goods. In addition to these items, the store also sells wine and craft beer. It was named after its initial concept of selling items at a 10% discount, which was an important part of the company’s growth. While the name “World Market” refers to the concept of selling items for a fraction of their normal prices, the company now has over 250 locations in the United States.


    World Market is a specialty retail chain based in the United States. It is famous for its low prices on imported items, and specializes in importing items from other countries. It also sells home decor and furniture made in the U.S.A., including home décor and furnishings. The stores feature a large variety of products from around the world, including wine, pottery, and pottery. The store has everything from candles to outdoor patio sets.


    The World Market has changed ownership recently, and has since ceased to sell beer and wine. Alcohol merchandise is still behind lock and key, but the store is planning to resume selling alcohol in the future. In the meantime, they are offering non-alcoholic drinks and syrups. The new owners are working hard to make the place as attractive as possible to shoppers. This is a great opportunity for the city of Ann Arbor to expand their local businesses and attract new customers.


    Unlike its predecessor, World Market no longer sells beer and wine. While the merchandise remains behind lock and key, it is not possible to buy alcohol in the store at the moment. However, the store does offer syrups and non-alcoholic beverages. The new owners of World Market Ann Arbor have also made changes to its menu, making it more appealing to patrons. Aside from being a great place to shop, this place is also one of the most popular in the city. Its location is convenient for both residents and tourists.

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