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    If you are interested in working for Anna Zeng at Trusted Health, please contact her directly. She is currently the Strategic Finance Lead for the company. In the past, Anna has worked at seven companies and nine jobs. She has been at her current position as a Strategic Finance Lead for 304 days. If you would like to work for Anna Zeng at Trusted Health, please contact her directly. You can find out more about her work history, education background, and experience by reading the following articles.

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    Strategic Finance Lead

    Anna Zeng has worked as a Strategic Finance Lead for Trusted Health for 304 days. She has been with the company since 2012. Prior to this position, Anna worked for other companies. She also worked for seven other jobs in her career. This is a short list of her previous companies. For further information, contact anna zeng trusted health directly. You can find her resume, salary details, and other details about her professional experience below.

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    Company: Trusted Health

    TRUSTED HEALTH, INC. is a private company based in SAN FRANCISCO, California. This company is based on the principle of building loyalty and incentive programs for healthcare organizations. The company’s registered office is located at 604 MISSION STREET, SUITE 500. The company was founded in 2013. The current company status is Active. It is run by two active principals.

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    Anna Zeng - Strategic Finance Lead at Trusted Health

    If you are interested in a career as a Strategic Finance Lead, you should consider anna zeng trusted health profile. Since she started her career, she has worked in 7 companies and held 9 different jobs. As of April 2018, she is the Strategic Finance Lead at Trusted Health. For more information about Anna, contact her directly. You can also view her LinkedIn profile. You may also want to read Anna Zeng’s LinkedIn profile.

    anna-zeng-trusted- health

    SaaS infrastructure for health and wellness organizations

    Providing cloud-based software to corporations has become the standard method for implementing corporate wellness programs. A more modern version of this model is Platform as a Service (PaaS), which lets customers develop, run, and maintain their own software applications. Both SaaS and PaaS are gaining in popularity among health and wellness organizations. The benefits of SaaS and PaaS are clear: they reduce upfront costs and share risks. Companies pay only for the features and functionality they need. And they can easily switch vendors if they wish to. Both vendors use cutting-edge technology to keep their software up-to-date.

    Developing and implementing SaaS systems for healthcare organizations is an important aspect of achieving compliance with the Affordable Care Act (ARRA). With fewer upfront investments, SaaS solutions help health and wellness organizations focus on strategic initiatives. Furthermore, SaaS applications allow organizations to share data easily, without the need for large IT infrastructure. Organizations can also integrate with regional health information exchanges without incurring the costs of a large IT infrastructure.

    Vertical SaaS companies can also offer financial products to customers. For example, a restaurant software company could offer general liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance to its customers. However, vertical SaaS companies tend to offer a more mature market, and these companies typically resell third-party services to customers in exchange for a fee. In the future, vertical SaaS providers will embed financial products into their platforms.

    LifeSpeak’s SaaS platform will help organizations improve the way they measure and track their employees’ wellness. LifeSpeak also offers a physical wellbeing platform, which complements its own digital wellbeing platform. The acquisition of Wellbeats Inc. is also a major deal for LifeSpeak, which strengthens its position in the U.S. market. Its acquisition of Wellbeats makes a perfect complement to LifeSpeak’s existing digital wellbeing platform.

    Thrive Global is a healthcare startup based in the UK, and has recently raised $8.9M in venture funding. The company is a pioneer in the healthcare industry and describes itself as a “corporate well-being and productivity platform.” It has partnered with industry giants to build sustainable workflow enhancement solutions. It currently has about 30 clients and $37M in funding. They are a very early stage startup but are already demonstrating promise.

    Today’s SaaS ecosystem is a battleground between the technology giants and the healthcare industry. While these companies are locked in a trillion-dollar competition to gain consumer engagement, they continue to build their infrastructure and develop their capabilities. In the end, this competition will only improve the efficiency of health and wellness organizations and enable them to capture market share and value. The technology giants are making huge investments in building a SaaS infrastructure for health and wellness organizations.

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