Why Buy a Wooden Tech Deck?

    The wooden Tech Deck Performance Series shred pyramid set is a real-wood double ramp skateboard with real blind skateboard graphics, foam grip tape, and soft rubber wheels. It is designed to mimic the feel of a skateboard park. The shred pyramid also includes a wooden Performance Series fingerboard. These real-wood features add to the board’s performance by allowing you to get more pop and control. It also features soft rubber wheels for improved handling.

    Each year, the Tech deck releases 500 new graphics, including original pro decks by the world’s top skateboard companies. In addition, the company releases limited edition designs and exclusive limited-edition editions. The company also offers a Segment series of six boards, which are modeled after famous skate spots. There are countless reasons to buy a wooden Tech deck. Aside from its high-quality construction, it is affordable and offers the best skating experience.

    A wooden tech deck will give you years of fun and a sense of accomplishment. You can practice your tricks indoors or outdoors and feel the rush of a perfect flip. You can even attend special events at the Tech Deck to get special swag. Whether you’re looking for a beginner’s wooden tech deck or a professional one, you’ll find it satisfying to practice tricks with a wooden tech deck.

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