What’s Chris DuFresne Up to at Allina Health?

    If you’re wondering what Chris Dufresne is up to at chris dufresne allina health, you’re not alone. Dufresne has six months’ experience as Vice President, Experience and Marketing Operations. His LinkedIn profile is worth checking out, as is his company HQ phone number. Below, we’ll discuss his work history and lessons from Disney and Amazon.


    Allina Health's digital transformation

    Allina Health, a 12-hospital system in Minneapolis, has been making a big push towards digital transformation in the last 18 to 24 months. Their efforts have been focused on improving patient experience and access. Leveraging Donohue’s research, Allina Health has implemented NRC Health platforms and shared it with staff members. In the first half of 2019, Dufresne and Donohue teamed up at the Healthcare Marketing and Physician Strategies Summit and discussed how they’ve integrated the physical brand with the digital patient experience.

    chris dufresne allina health goal was to become a thought leader and enable provider communications. Developing mobile apps to improve patient care and customer experience was at the core of chris dufresne allina health goals. A successful collaboration with Tarmac provided the team with the tools and resources to rapidly bring two new apps to market and extend existing ones. With the help of the Tarmac 10 framework, Allina Health was able to accelerate its digital transformation efforts.

    Allina Health is currently using Apple Health Records to provide patients and visitors with access to their medical records. The app makes it easy to find patient rooms and dining options. The digital tools reduce the administrative burden by making the patient journey simple. They also automate tasks like patient reporting outcomes and enrolling patients. The Allina Health digital transformation is a major step forward for the health system.

    The Allina Health Digital Experience team is led by Chris Dufresne. His team focuses on mobile app development, API development, and custom website development. Earlier in his career, Chris Dufresne worked with leading Silicon Valley firms. He brought the concept of mobile app development to the Allina Health table and was able to build a prototype for the new product.


    Chris DuFresne's experiences at other companies

    While working at Allina Health, Chris DuFresne honed his skills at other companies. His peers include Amanda Eberle, Jodie Eddleston, Shilpa Dutt, Mike Ebhardt, and Sarah Eickel. He is also a colleague of Sam Edelstein, Laura Slings, and Karin Johnson. In addition to his work colleagues, Chris has worked with several clients at Allina Health.

    Before joining the Times, DuFresne worked on loading docks. His father, John Nadel, had spent 37 years in the transportation department at the Times. He became a clerk in the sports department covering high school and college sports and he rose to become a national columnist. He was honored with the title of national college basketball and football writer for more than 30 years and was named California Sportswriter of the Year in 2011.


    Lessons learned from Amazon

    Allina Health CEO Chris Dufresne is taking lessons from the world of retail to transform its healthcare business. By hiring a team from Tarmac, a consumer technology firm that focuses on healthcare, the company was able to develop their mobile apps in a sandbox environment that excluded live customer data. This model also introduced a new “Tarmac 10” process that emphasizes transparency and collaboration with customers.


    Tarmac's partnership with Allina Health

    Tarmac partnered with Allina Health to deliver two new mobile apps for their customers and extend existing ones. Together, they’ve improved their customer experience and community care. By following their guiding principles of speed, quality, communication, and transparency, Tarmac has been able to successfully accelerate product development for Allina Health. Read on to learn more about Tarmac’s partnership with Allina Health.

    The partnership between Allina Health and Tarmac started with a vision of improving patient experience. The organization wanted to make patient experience more personalized by allowing patients to customize their own care plans. They worked with the hospital to improve the technology used during procedures. They also wanted to be a leader in collaboration among health care providers and the community. Tarmac’s team collaborated with Allina Health to create the heart procedure app.

    The app will allow patients and visitors to navigate the hospital with ease. Visitors will also be able to locate their rooms and dining options. It’s designed to be easy to use and designed for early stage technology practitioners. At the event, Chris DuFresne, director of Allina’s Digital Information Services, will discuss the company’s unique customer journey and how data can improve the patient experience.

    As part of the collaboration, chris dufresne allina health have extended their partnership with the Northwest Metro Alliance to provide care to more than 300,000 residents of Anoka County. The collaborative ownership model aims to improve the coordination of health care in southwest metro. With 30 affiliated clinics, 450 clinicians, and a dedicated specialty care center, St. Francis Regional Medical Center is able to deliver high quality, innovative care to patients.

    How Does Chris Dufresne Differ From His Peers?

    We have all heard of chris dufresne allina health wayfinding app for expecting mothers, but how does Chris Dufresne differ from his peers? To answer this question, let’s look at the work of a few of his peers and the lessons that Disney can teach healthcare. Then, we’ll look at a few of his own innovations. After all, he is a Disney executive.

    Allina Health's new wayfinding initiative

    Allina Health has just launched a new wayfinding initiative with a new mobile app that provides step-by-step navigation for patients. This new application was developed in partnership with the Mall of America and incorporates multiple functionalities, including patient portals and wayfinding capabilities. The new wayfinding initiative is part of a broader effort to create an interactive, consumer-centric experience at Allina Health.

    One of the challenges to the new wayfinding initiative is making people aware of its presence in hospitals. Making people aware of its presence may be the biggest hurdle. But the benefit is clear: patients will be able to focus on their healthcare more when they know exactly where they are. Moreover, staff members will have less time to worry about navigating patients and can focus more on patient care.

    Allina Health's app for expectant mothers

    The Allina Health system delivers excellent medical care in Minnesota with more than a dozen hospitals and more than 90 clinics. Each year, the system treats about 110,000 patients. One of the many services they offer is a birth center, which provides expectant mothers with complete care, including hot tubs and other perks. The center also offers a custom app called Beginnings, which connects expectant mothers with helpful resources, tools, and education. Allina Health created the app because they wanted to provide expectant mothers with as much information and education as possible before and after birth.

    Beginnings is a companion app for new moms, offering daily tips, baby care, and information for parents and partners. The app also offers information for multiple babies, as well as recipes and to-do lists for both moms and partners. The videos are designed to be easy to access and are categorized by topic, making them ideal for new moms. You can even share them with family and friends through the app!

    Allina Health was looking for a development partner with extensive experience building mobile applications. In addition to Tarmac’s team of developers, they needed someone who could understand the needs of the company and prioritize their time zones while working with their in-house team and UX Design. In this case, Tarmac was the best option as its developers are well versed in consumer tech. Tarmac knew the technical challenges Allina faced while developing the app, including the fact that they were working in a sandbox environment without access to patient data.

    The Allina Health app for expectant mothers was developed in partnership with the Aurora Birthing Center in Summit, Minnesota. It features nutrition guides and exercise tips, along with other helpful resources to ensure a healthy pregnancy. The content is doctor-approved and focused on the stage of pregnancy in which it is currently at. The app is also packed with useful tools, including a weekly schedule, journal, and contraction timer.

    Chris Dufresne's other peers

    Besides his work as the Vice President, Experience and Marketing Operations of Allina Health, Chris Dufresne is also an active participant in the healthcare and wellness industry. He has received his educational training from various institutions, including Ustmoegatasaaiet eget ettanetotan. His current role is to improve the patient experience, which requires bringing together a physical brand and digital experiences.


    Disney lessons for healthcare

    A recent Forbes interview with Chris Dufresne reveals that the health system’s success is largely driven by a culture of customer-centricity. DuFresne, a veteran of Allina Health, served most recently as its Director of Digital Consumer Experience and Information Services. Prior to this, he worked at the hospital’s corporate headquarters as Director of Information Services. In his new role, he is responsible for overseeing the overall customer experience, from the employee experience to the brand experience.

    Tarmac's partnership with Allina Health

    In 2017, Allina Health sought a mobile app development partner to help improve their customer experience. They approached Tarmac, which specializes in consumer technology, and sought to leverage Tarmac’s Team as a Service model to provide flexible, on-demand software development. The partnership enabled Allina Health to leverage the capabilities of four experienced Tarmac developers, including a technical lead. Because of Tarmac’s background in consumer technology, the company was aware of the technical challenges it would need to overcome in order to become a reliable development partner. As such, the team worked in a sandbox environment, limiting access to patient data and other sensitive information.

    The new partnership will highlight the benefits of creating a personal account with Allina Health, such as the access to your interactive health record. This new service will allow patients to better communicate with their providers and manage their health. Tarmac will also launch a digital marketing campaign that features radio and 60-second TV ads. The partnership will continue to grow as the Allina Health team continues to add more features to their platform.

    The collaborative ownership of Allina Health’s St. Francis Regional Medical Center will help reduce duplication of care and improve coordination throughout the southwest metro. The new facility will feature 30 affiliated clinics and 450 clinicians, along with state-of-the-art medical technology and specialty services. Tarmac’s partnership with Allina Health is just one example of how healthcare organizations can work together to help patients and their families.

    In addition to the Northwest Metro Alliance, Allina Health and HealthPartners are also extending their partnership. Northwest Metro Alliance serves more than 300,000 people in Anoka County with Medicaid or HealthPartners insurance. They can receive care at five Allina Health Clinics and four HealthPartners clinics throughout the community. Additionally, they can access care at Mercy Hospital with affiliated specialists.

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