UofL Health Uses Outlook As Their Preferred Email System

    Mail.uofl uses Outlook as its preferred email system. Their mission is to provide patient-centered care to all of our patients. Cyberattacks are a concern, but they also have a solution. Read on for some interesting insights from our employees. We hope this article was helpful. Have questions about UofL Health? Ask us! We’re happy to help! We’ll answer your questions in the future!

    UofL Health’s preferred email system is Outlook

    Outlook is the preferred email system for UofL Health employees and students. Among other things, Outlook offers 50 GB of inbox storage, improved security, spam filtering, and better integration with other tools in the O365 suite, including OneDrive and SharePoint. Outlook also supports large file attachments and unlimited archiving. If you’re not already using Outlook, you should download it and use it on your mobile device.

    UofL Health’s Mission is to Deliver Patient-Centered Care to Each and Every Patient

    Located in Louisville, Kentucky, mail.uofl is a fully integrated regional academic health system serving the people of Kentucky. Its mission is to promote health and well-being for all by advancing knowledge and improving the lives of individuals and communities through education, research, clinical care and community service. With more than 12,000 team members, mail.uofl aims to provide world-class, patient-centered care to all patients.

    The new facility will be the official health care provider for Louisville Cardinals student-athletes. The partnership is an eight-year deal that will benefit all 23 of the university’s athletic programs. The partnership will include basic medical coverage of Cardinal cheer and dance teams, as well as extensive brand presence throughout Louisville Athletics facilities. Patients will benefit from a variety of services, from primary care to advanced research, through the new facility.

    The principles of patient-centered care are widely recognized as desirable attributes of health care. These principles focus on empowering patients, applying a biopsychosocial perspective to treatment, and fostering a strong partnership between patient and clinician. While most patient-centered studies focused on the relationship between the clinician and patient, a patient’s experience with health care extends far beyond the doctor’s office.


    As part of its Cyber Security Awareness Month, mail.uofl has taken steps to ensure its systems are secure. The University has set up services for identity protection and confirmed that no information was accessed or misused. But protecting the health system from cyberattacks isn’t easy when 700 employees work virtually. A recent survey by Sophos revealed that 63 percent of healthcare organizations expect to become the victims of a cyberattack in the near future.

    The website is under attack from a hacker group known as MZL11%0S. These attackers use malicious code to compromise health-related websites. Their code is M#RW4#QRV_#.#. They also send spam messages containing a code for a number. To decipher these messages, you must use a password-protected web browser.

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