Unreachable Star Entertainment Colorado Tribute Weekend Show

    If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind Colorado Tribute Weekend Show, Unreachable Star Entertainment has just the thing for you. This show is a tribute to the legendary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band, The Eagles. This show will not disappoint you and it will be a fun night out for all ages. For tickets and more information, please visit

    Unreachable Star Entertainment Presents a First of its Kind Colorado Tribute Weekend Show

    Featuring an incredible lineup of musicians and performers, the Colorado Tribute Weekend Show is a first for the state. The show features the music of some of the greatest entertainers of all time. The lineup includes songs from Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley and even some selections from Disney’s Frozen(tm). The show is sure to be an unforgettable experience!

    As the opening act of this show, the Colorado Symphony will perform Tchaikovsky’s beloved Nutcracker. Featured soloist Courtney Hershey Bress dazzles on Michael Daugherty’s harp concerto. The evening closes with the music of the legendary John Williams. His music has influenced countless movies and television shows, and his score for “The Rite of Spring” revolutionized the sound of 20th century music. His use of rhythmic complexity and deliberately harsh sound has left audiences spellbound.

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    In April, the company announced that its CEO, Matt Bekier, would be stepping down. He resigned from the position as he restructured the company, taking on responsibility for processes, culture, and policies. unreachable star entertainment also said that he would remain with the company for a transitional period. However, Bekier’s resignation was not an immediate one and will only be effective until the end of July.

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