UNILAD Tech Founder Alex Partridge

    Since launching in 2014, unilad tech has been attracting advertisers in droves. The startup has been self-funded and profitable, and has seen more venture capital from brands interested in the millennial demographic. With this funding, UNILAD is planning to scale its marketing and tech platform. The next step will be to launch its own ad network.

    Alex Partridge

    Alex Partridge is one of the most prominent figures in the world of social media content. He founded Unilad while a student at Oxford Brookes University in 2010. It is now one of the largest social news companies in the world, with more than 40 million followers. The company was involved in a major legal dispute in 2017 over ownership, which Partridge ultimately won. Today, Partridge is a sought-after professional speaker.

    Unilad’s content is sometimes misogynistic and offensive. When it first launched, it was seen as part of a “lad culture” on university campuses. As a result, the NUS called for its shutdown, but it recently re-launched under new ownership.

    Unilad’s founder, Alex Partridge, is fighting for a majority stake in the company. He aims to make Unilad the largest publisher on Facebook. As of May, his company has more than 17 million fans on Facebook and attracts over 30 million pageviews per month.

    Partridge, who started Unilad in 2010, gave away 66% of the company in 2013, and has since sued the company’s management to recoup his investment. Fullist has been trying to separate from Partridge since September 2013, but he has refused to do so. He gave the other two-thirds of the company to co-founders Sam Bentley and Liam Harrington.

    Unilad was a British net media company, owned by LADbible. It has offices in Manchester and London. Originally shut down in 2012, it was reopened under new owners in 2014. Today, Unilad tech has become a multi-media community. Its Facebook page was named the number one Facebook page. It currently has eight subchannels.


    LADbible was founded in 2012 by Alexander Solomou, a student from Leeds University. It came about two years after Unilad, and the two companies competed for the banter-industrial complex of the mid-2010s. However, Unilad shifted its focus to more serious documentary-style videos in late 2015, and LADbible eventually overtook it in YouTube views.

    While Unilad Tech struggled for many years, LADbible was able to diversify away from Facebook by launching its own creative agency, Joyride, and a branded partnership with Smirnoff. The company claimed that the deal would make it the largest social video publisher in history, but did not reveal the full value of the acquisition.

    The problem for LADbible was that they weren’t able to make full use of their data collection. In addition, they were not able to accurately target social and mobile traffic. However, with Permutive, they have been able to optimise their campaigns much more effectively and sell more inventory to advertisers. In addition, their CTRs have increased by 30-40%.

    LADbible’s technology is able to detect different devices and bandwidth, and uses a technology called LADx to send the highest-quality video. The adaptive bitrate stream adapts to the user’s bandwidth, ensuring that the video doesn’t slow down their browsing experience.


    The founder of unilad tech gave the company’s co-CEOs 66% of the company’s shares, which is worth up to PS40 million. The current management of the company is facing a potential lawsuit from the founder. Unilad is a popular social media platform that shares controversial and entertaining content. It boasts 28 million Facebook followers and is known by most university students in the UK.

    The new CEO of UNILAD, John Quinlan, will lead the organization. He has extensive experience in new media and is credited for the organization’s recent growth. In 2017, UNILAD’s content reached over 40 billion video views and received one billion engagements. Previously, the company was led by David Sefton, who served as CEO and Chairman of the board. Richard Thompson, the UNILAD President, remains a Non-Executive Director. The board also includes Will Muirhead and Xavier Latil.


    When I first started working for Unilad Tech, I had no management experience and no experience with startups. I had spent the last few years working in health recruitment and selling T-shirts out of my dad’s garage. I tried to create everything from a student fashion line to a New Year’s resolution checker. I even wanted to start a network of university TV stations.

    In 2014, I met Liam Harrington and Sam Bentley through a mutual friend at university. They shared a passion for entrepreneurship and wanted to start their own company. They came up with the idea of UNILAD in 2014, and started promoting the most compelling content in the world. Ultimately, the two created a platform that reaches more people and helps people do good.

    After the business started making money, Partridge and Harrington began a legal battle. They allegedly split up the majority of the company, and Partridge won the legal battle. Harrington and Bentley are co-CEOs of Unilad, and the company could be worth around PS40 million.

    While Unilad may seem like a small company at first, they have become a new media sensation. Their Facebook page has over 11.5 million likes. In 2016, they became the world’s most-viewed Facebook video publisher, outdoing LADbible. The company’s video of a man playing the Pie Face game with his son was shared over 183 million times. It has since gained 205 million views.

    In the last few years, Unilad has gone from a one-person media site to a multinational company that employs more than 200 people. Harrington’s company’s focus is on Generation Y, and he and his company have successfully positioned the company to target that demographic. The company has been a hit on Facebook and has worked with big companies like Activision and Warner Brothers.


    A specialist court has ruled that the company behind unilad tech should be placed into administration. The company owes more than PS6 million to its creditors. Founder Alex Partridge is arguing that the company should be put into administration in order to recover the debts. The case is expected to be heard on 31 October.

    Unilad’s initial content was largely misogynistic, causing a national uproar and widespread condemnation. It was also accused of contributing to the “lad culture” on university campuses. The NUS called for the website to be shut down, but the company relaunched in 2014 with a promise to move away from its past.

    UNILAD’s founders had a poor reputation prior to the company going public in 2012, but under new ownership in 2014, the company gained a much-needed reprieve. After the company was relaunched, the company’s popularity increased dramatically. In fact, Unilad’s Facebook page has over 60 million fans.

    The company recently filed its year-end accounts. By the end of the year, Unilad must disclose its financials to Partridge. This will give an indication of what Unilad is worth. Partridge will then have the option of buying Unilad and paying it back, or selling it on the open market.

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