The Truth Freedom Health(r) System

    The Truth Freedom Health movement is a coalition of people, products, and practices that challenge mainstream healthcare and its censorship. These health-minded people are fighting against the government’s efforts to regulate alternative medicine and supplements. They are also fighting against censorship of their own information. For example, Kartra, which is a well-known alternative medicine company, has banned social media accounts, webinars, and YouTube accounts. The movement leverages American concern for freedom to promote alternative health care and alternative practices.

    The Truth Freedom Health(r) System is comprised of four best-selling eBooks. The first, The System and Revolution, lays out the fundamentals. The second, The Science of Everything, expands on these foundations. The third, Your Body, Your System, explores the principles of the systems of health and how to apply them to your life. This comprehensive system is worth $7,500. The program will help you raise your consciousness and understand how you think and how you relate to others.

    The Truth Freedom Health(r) System uses an integrated learning system based on the Science of Systems. This system was originally developed by Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, PhD, of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His system was first patented in August 1982 and received the First U.S. Copyright on August 30, 1982. In the process of creating this system, he wrote over 50,000 lines of FORTRAN code.

    This approach to health care is a form of social activism that appeals to a broad cross-section of the public. The Health Freedom movement emphasizes the importance of individual freedom, often framed in terms of comfort, in a way that appeals to many people across political and religious lines. It also plays up structural weaknesses in public health policy and government. The term “natural immunity” is used frequently to describe the movement, a term referring to the freedom to choose what you eat and exercise.

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