The Splicer Fashion Show in Destiny 2

    The Splicer fashion show is a funny and exciting event in Destiny 2. This event gives Splicers the chance to be noticed and win prizes. The prizes are much more valuable than normal splicers, so be sure to enter to win! You can learn more about the event and how to enter below.

    The Splicer fashion show models are all covered in prosthetics and wear shoulder-length hair. Some of them even have a cataract on their right eye or fractured leg. The bloody gauze they wear is supposed to prevent tumors from forming. But despite the extreme makeup, these models still manage to look a bit like a human. While it’s hard to imagine that these prosthetics are comfortable, they are still very revealing.

    In addition to the splicer fashion show, the Splicer 2 Season of Splicer DLC will feature new armor and weapons, as well as story missions. Players can also transmograte outfits and earn special Splicer fashion emblems. In addition, the DLC will introduce a new seasonal vendor, Ada-1. The newly introduced Loom will allow players to create Synthweave, a material used to customize armor and weapons.

    As always, the new content in Splicer will add more excitement to the game. New seasons mean new rewards and challenges. A new weekly Pinnacle mission will be available until June. In addition to this, players can now complete a variety of new missions to upgrade their gear, including the popular Synthweave armor customization. Players can also convert their armor to a Universal Ornament. The new fashion show promises to be an interesting addition to the game.

    Season of the splicer fashion show is the second season in Destiny 2. The game will feature weekly pinnacle missions and a fashion show for players to celebrate their new season. In addition to these new additions, the new season will also include a new season pass. The first week of the season will be free, but players will have to purchase a season pass after that to unlock the rewards.

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