The Lake Myrtle Sports Complex

    The Lake Myrtle Sports Complex is a multi-purpose sports complex in Auburndale, Florida, United States. It features numerous sports fields and activities for people of all ages. The complex is home to a variety of sports, including baseball and basketball. In addition to these, the complex also features a fitness center.

    The development, which encompasses 30 acres, includes multiple soccer fields and baseball fields, as well as multiple maintenance buildings and concession stands. The complex also houses the headquarters of the Polk County Tourism and Sports Marketing Department and the Florida Youth Soccer Association. It also includes a Florida Sports Hall of Fame.

    The Lake Myrtle Sports Complex is a popular attraction in the Auburndale area. It features nine collegiate-size baseball fields and eleven lighted soccer fields. It hosts various sporting events, including the Russ Matt Central Florida Baseball Invitational, the largest college baseball tournament in the nation.

    The Lake Myrtle Sports Complex is conveniently located near Lakeland and Polk City. These areas are home to numerous other attractions and some of the area’s best dining spots. If you’re planning on visiting the area, here’s a recommended itinerary. It includes some of the most popular attractions in Polk County and local favorite restaurants.

    The Fantasy of Flight, a large hangar stuffed with vintage airplanes, is another popular attraction at the Lake Myrtle Sports Complex. The set collection includes the 1945 Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress, 1943 Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina, the Grumman Duck, and the North American P-51D Mustang.

    Chamba’s Hometown Cafe is located four miles from the Lake Myrtle Sports Complex and offers homemade breakfasts. Besides omelets and French toast, the restaurant also serves pancake sandwiches and breakfast burritos. Authentic Puerto Rican cuisine is served here. Authentic Puerto Rican dishes can be found at Maria’s Friquitin.

    Several concession stands are scattered around the complex. A full restroom facility is located near the baseball field. The sports complex also houses the tournament’s championship baseball field. This stadium is equipped to host games that meet NCAA and FHSAA standards, as well as minor league professional baseball games. It is equipped with facilities for officials and teams, locker rooms, and concessions. It also features a Pressbox and Score Board.

    The Championship Soccer Stadium is a destination venue for youth soccer teams. The stadium is also home to the Florida Tropics UPSL team. The stadium is also an excellent facility for travel soccer teams. The stadium also features earthen berms on the sides of the grandstand to provide tent-like areas for spectators. The stadium also has bleachers.

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