The BMS Media Tech Program at Georgia Tech

    The BMS media tech program prepares students for a variety of positions in the media industry. Students are trained in classrooms, computer labs, and videography labs. They also gain hands-on experience by covering events and handling university newsletters. The placement rate for BMS graduates is relatively high.

    BMS media tech students are trained in digital media planning and production and may also take online courses for BMS prep. They can expect higher salaries, promotions, and other benefits. They may have a diverse range of career options, unlike undergrads who have limited choices. The BMS degree can help students stay competitive in an industry that changes rapidly and constantly evolves.

    The program at Georgia BMS media tech is one of the few programs offering a collegiate program in Black media. The university is located in the fast-growing metropolis of Atlanta. Only two other programs in the United States offer similar degrees. The Media School at the University of Indiana Bloomington offers a minor in Black Cinema and Media Studies, while Yale University offers a combined Ph.D. in African-American Studies and Film and Media Studies. In addition to Wilson and Thornton, founding faculty members include Susana Morris and Andre Brock.

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