Tech Candy UV Sanitizer Review

    The Tech Candy UV Sanitizer comes in a convenient box that can be opened to reveal the sanitizing UV light. The box can be kept in the bathroom or kitchen and is perfect for sanitizing hands and surfaces. It works by exposing a small area of the skin to UV light that can kill germs.

    The Tech Candy UV Sanitizer has an impressive 99% kill rate for harmful bacteria. It comes with a power cord and instructions manual, making it easy to use anywhere. The device weighs 0.5 pounds and is compact enough to fit in a purse or briefcase. The only drawback is that the battery is not included.

    The Tech Candy UV Sanitizer can clean almost any hard surface with its UV-C emitter. It is great for sanitizing keys, cell phones, and other items, and can kill up to 99% of germs. The UV-C light in the Tech Candy UV Sanitizer can also destroy E.Coli and Staph bacteria. Although the Tech Candy UV Sanitizer is portable and easy to use, there are few online reviews for the product.

    The Tech Candy UV Sanitizer uses powerful technology to sanitize any hard surface, including hard phones, laptops, and jewelry. The sanitizing bed uses four UV-C bulbs and a vacuum-plated aluminum inner shell. It can disinfect items in as little as five minutes. The UV-C light is a common cleaning solution in professional environments.

    There are several other features of this UV sanitizer that make it a convenient product for a modern lifestyle. For example, it is non-porous, so you can wipe it down with disinfectant wipes after use. In addition, it is very fast, making it easy to apply even when you’re on the go. The tech candy UV sanitizer comes with a nifty bag that helps you store and transport the device.

    While many UV sanitizers are sold as a sanitizer, it is important to understand the difference between sanitization and disinfection. Sanitization reduces the number of germs on a surface while disinfection eliminates pathogenic microorganisms.

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