Synapse Behavioral Health

    Synapse Behavioral Health is an integrated practice of psychologists, psychiatrists, and therapists focusing on compassionate care and the best clinical outcomes. The team provides an array of clinical services, including a variety of FDA-cleared non-drug treatments for depression and ADHD. Additionally, the practice offers a wide range of neuropsychological testing, individual and family therapy, and neurofeedback for ADHD.

    Synapse behavioral health has a single medical office in Marlton, NJ. The medical team includes two psychiatrists and two therapists. The practice covers all types of psychiatry, including treatment-resistant disorders. Patients do not need to find a new physician or change their treatment options, as Synapse is dedicated to improving their services and accommodating more patients. For more information, please contact a Synapse representative.

    Synapse Behavioral Health is an in-network practice that offers seamless care to patients. New patients will first meet with a therapist, followed by a psychiatrist or nurse practitioner. Once the doctor determines the right treatment plan, they can move onto other treatment providers, such as a psychologist. This allows patients to receive treatment from the most appropriate professional for their situation. They will also benefit from the team’s ability to coordinate multiple modalities under one roof.

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