SV, Woodcraft, Or Womet-Tech Ninja 650 Sport Bars

    If you’re in the market for new bars for your Kawasaki ninja 650, you have a few options. You can choose between SV, Woodcraft, or Womet-Tech. This article compares the benefits of each. Whether you’re looking for an aggressive look or an even lower riding position, lower bars will improve the feel of your bike. And they come with all the mounting hardware you need to install them.

    Kawasaki ninja 650 sport bars

    Whether you want a sport bar for your motorcycle or are looking to improve your bike’s look, you can find a variety of options at your local store. LazMall partners with thousands of trusted sellers to offer an extensive selection of products. In addition to official brand stores, LazMall also offers a wide variety of goods and services to fit your budget. A Kawasaki Ninja 650 Sport Bar is a great addition to your motorcycle, and can be purchased online or at your local store.

    The Womet-Tech Bar End Kit fits inside the stock handlebars and adds style and crash protection to your bike. It protects the controls and upper fairing from damage during a crash. It features high-density delrin to absorb impact during a crash. Additionally, the bar end kit will keep your bars from catching during a slide. Whether you decide to go with stock bars or a sport bar, the end kit will add to the style of your bike.

    As with most motorcycles, the Ninja 650 gets visual and technical updates for 2020. It borrows styling cues from the Ninja ZX-10R superbike. It also comes with a new dash with a 4.3-inch color TFT display that connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone. The Rideology app gives you information on your bike’s performance and helps you stay connected to your bike.

    Ninja 650 sport bars vs sv

    If you’re looking to upgrade the handling and comfort of your bike, you’ve probably wondered about the differences between SV and Ninja 650 sport bars. While they both provide similar performance, there are differences between them, too. SV sport bars are clip-ons that bolt directly under the upper triple clamp. SV sport bars also rise up over the tank, while MT-07 sport bars are fixed at the top.

    Although the SV is heavier and has a heftier exhaust canister, the Ninja has better brakes. SV brakes are a bit more responsive and bite into the road better, and the rear shock uses linkage instead of a coil spring. The SV has a longer travel than a standard Ninja. Besides the differences in riding position, the SV has a more powerful engine and suspension.

    Ninja 650 sport bars vs woodcraft

    There are several factors that you need to consider when choosing sport bars for your bike, and we’ve compared the two below to help you make the right choice. One of the main differences between clip on bars and stock bars is their feel. Woodcraft bars tend to be thicker than clip on bars and are more ‘natural’ to ride with. The clip on bars also fit snugly on your bike, whereas Ninja sport bars are more slender.

    The two-piece split clipons on the Woodcraft Ninja 650R are race proven and save weight. The clips are adjustable to your preferred width and are 12″ long. They come with special spacers and bolts for the OEM Ninja 650 clamp and are not compatible with other motorcycle models. Woodcraft’s clipons are intended for race bikes. These sport bars are not designed for everyday use, so you need to make sure you’ll never crash on the road.

    Ninja 650 sport bars vs womet-tech

    When deciding between two different sport bars, you should first understand what each offers. The Womet-Tech Bar End Kit offers valuable crash protection while adding style to your handlebars. Designed to fit within your stock handlebars, these bars will protect the controls and upper fairings from damage. They feature a high-density delrin piece that absorbs impact during a crash.

    Lower Your Ninja 650 With Sport Bars

    Lowering your Ninja 650’s riding position can make it feel more like a sportbike. They are an inexpensive way to get a more aggressive look while still keeping the same stock bodywork and tank. Also, lower bars help tall riders get out of the wind. Lower bars come with all the mounting hardware needed for installation. They also help to improve front-end feedback. These bars are designed to clear stock bodywork and tank and are included in the kit.

    Woodcraft Kawasaki Ninja 650R adapter plate

    The Woodcraft Kawasaki Ninja 650r/ER-6n adapter plate bolts directly onto the stock handlebar mount. This allows you to mount a variety of risers and keep your hands in a more natural position. The plate is made of billet aluminum to withstand the roughest of terrain. You can also purchase a single plate or multiple plates to mount additional risers.

    Woodcraft Kawasaki Ninja 650R risers

    Woodcraft Ninja 650R risers make it easy to get a more comfortable riding position on your bike. This two-piece adjustable riser kit bolts directly onto the stock handlebar mount. Because it uses a standard bar and bolt, you won’t interfere with any of the bike’s stock body work or parts like the fuel tank. Alternatively, you can buy a separate adapter plate, which allows you to use two or three risers for the ultimate in versatility.

    Woodcraft Kawasaki Ninja 650R bar ends

    If you’re tired of your stock handlebars and want to change them for a more comfortable ride, consider installing the Woodcraft Kawasaki Ninja 650 R bar ends. These bolt-on bar ends bolt directly to the stock handlebar mount, putting your hands in a more comfortable position while riding. You can even use multiple risers with the Woodcraft Ninja 650R bar ends. These bar ends are made of tough billet aluminum and are available in either black or silver, so you’ll have plenty of options to fit the bike.

    Womet-Tech bar ends

    If you have a Ninja 650 and are looking to improve the style of your handlebars, you might want to add Womet-Tech bar ends. These bar ends offer valuable crash protection while adding style and a sleek appearance to your ride. Made from high-density delrin, they have an extended length to protect controls and upper fairings during crashes. A delrin section absorbs impact during a crash, and helps your bike slide instead of catching and damaging its parts.

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