Street Goth Mens Fashion and Accessories

    With the emergence of goth, brooding, and other darker fashion styles, the world of men’s accessories is going a bit darker as well. While menswear enthusiasts have been experimenting with a variety of darker looks for some time now, the recent surge in goth culture has brought several new looks to the table. The men’s goth style encompasses everything from punk rock to dark rock and everything in between. However, it is not just about wearing black clothes or makeup; instead, it involves incorporating essential goth accessories as well. There are various ways you can incorporate the goth look into your everyday wardrobe in order to create that spooky presence at all times. Let’s check out some great examples of what it looks like when a street goth mens fashion wears this subculture with finesse:

    What is the Goth Style?

    The goth style is a very particular subculture of men’s street goth mens fashion that is characterized by dark, often black, clothing; heavy eyeliner; heavy lipstick; and heavy makeup. The makeup may include black eyeshadow and false eyelashes. In the recent years, we have witnessed the emergence of similar styles and subcultures, like grunge or the gothic look. However, the main element that differentiates goth from other similar subcultures is a strong concentration on the aesthetics of darkness, from clothes to makeup. The goth style is also associated with heavy bondage and leather accessories, such as corsets, bustiers, wrist cuffs, and ankle chains. This style also heavily relies on piercings and tattoos.

    Choose your Accessories Carefully

    Though the goth style is all about darker things, you can still wear it with a more neutral color palette. The key is to choose the right accessories to complement your outfit. For example, dark accessories like leather cuffs, black shoes, and black belts go very well with black clothing, while white accessories look great with white shirts and pants. Darker accessories can also be more imaginative and creative, like a crystal necklace decorated with skulls, a steampunk Halloween costume accessory, or a cufflink made of inked hands. You can also complement your goth fashion with other subcultures, for example by wearing a biker jacket with a studded collar, or a biker jacket with a bomber jacket.

    Decorate with Candles and Roses

    Candles are a great goth accessory because they add a subtle but effective touch of darkness to any room. If your home doesn’t already have candles, you can easily get one for decoration. Another great decoration idea is to get some roses and put them in a vase in your home or office. Roses are an exceptionally romantic and gothic accessory, so they go well with almost any theme or style of decor. For an extra touch of darkness and gothic romance, you can also buy a few scented candles, like a black or vanilla scent. The scented candles are especially romantic during the winter months, when the majority of the population would prefer to stay in their homes with the lights off.

    Add a touch of Sadness with Mourning Boots and Black Belts

    The gothic style incorporates a dark, sometimes melancholic feel to it, which can be enhanced with mourning boots and black belts. Mourning boots are boots with a heel at least 3 inches high, which makes them look very much like high-heeled boots. However, mourning boots are an intentional mismatch between form and function and are therefore not supposed to be used for walking. They are more like a decorative accessory that enhances your gothic appearance. Black belts are a great accessory for men who want to incorporate a touch of sadness into their look.

    Wrapping up

    Goth is all about the darkness, with heavy, dark makeup, clothing, and accessories. This subculture is often associated with bondage and leather accessories, like corsets, bustiers, wrist cuffs, and ankle chains. However, you can also wear a more neutral color palette, street goth mens fashion and candles, roses, and vanilla scented candles can add a subtle but effective touch of darkness to your home. For an extra touch of sadness, mourning boots and black belts are great gothic accessories.

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