Starsector High Tech Ships

    As a Starsector fan, you probably want to find out more about what Starsector high tech ships can do and why they’re so important. The following will go over how to obtain these high-tech ships and which one is the best option for your team. You can find out how many of these high-tech ships you need and whether they’re worth the money. Alternatively, you can learn more about the differences between high tech and low tech ships and make your own decision.

    starsector-high- tech-ships

    Starsector Support Ships

    The starships of the Starsector can be remastered using mods. These modifications include MagicLib, a community-run mod library that includes well-documented plugins and scripts. One such mod, Nexerelin, adds 4X gameplay features and several other features. Moreover, the Nexerelin mod adds a new faction, the Diable Avionics Corporation, that claims ownership over millions of people’s possessions and uses deadly means to enforce this claim. In the game, these corporations sound like video game characters.

    starsector-high- tech-ships

    Starsector .95a new ships

    The high tech ships of Starsector.95a can be repaired instantly at starbases for credits. Originally, most people in this sector were colonists who relied on technology and didn’t understand or value the most advanced technology. Many planets were partially terraformed, but soon the gate network collapsed leaving the planets borderline unlivable. Unfortunately, the situation rapidly deteriorated. As a result, ever increasing amounts of technology have been lost due to constant conflict.

    starsector-high- tech-ships

    Starsector number of ships

    In the game, you have a number of different options for high-tech ship types and the tech level of them. The Tarsus-class freighter shares its name with Wing Commander’s Privateer, and Centurions have a common name. They have been transformed from heavy fighters to escort frigates in Starsector. The portraits of the different characters clearly borrow elements from Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri, and the game’s system could be called “Strangereal” as well. However, most planets will be named after Ace Combat countries.

    starsector-high- tech-ships

    Starsector high tech vs low tech

    You can easily distinguish between high tech and low tech ships in Starsector. There are three categories of ships: low tech, medium tech, and high tech. Each type has its own benefits and limitations. Let’s discuss some of the key differences between low tech and high tech ships. This article will explain what makes one type better than another. There are also many similarities between high and low tech ships.

    Midline: Midline ships are wedge-shaped and more symmetrical than Low Tech. They are typically painted tan or yellow and tend to be slow and have weak shields. Midline ships have different colors, while low tech ships are typically blue with a redish tint. High tech ships tend to favor speed and maneuverability, while low tech ships have higher armor and shields, and can even cycle damage and catch up to nearly anything.

    High-tech: As the name suggests, these ships are more advanced than their low-tech counterparts. The latter are better equipped for heavy combat, and their crews are better equipped to handle any kind of terrain. Low-tech ships are also faster, but they can’t be built as fast as high-tech ships. The former have better armor and weapons, but they’re still more expensive.

    Starsector ship ranking

    If you’re a Starsector fan, you should start by learning the ins and outs of the game’s ship orders. You’ll learn how to make the most efficient use of your resources and improve your ship’s ranking in the game’s High Tech section. There’s also a Military Ship tracker available to help you find the highest-tech ship in the game’s high-tech sector.

    First off, you should understand the three major categories of starsector high tech ships. First, you should know that capital ships are the most technologically advanced in the Sector. However, few Astrals serve with the Hegemony. Instead, some Tri-Tachyon Corporation executives use the Astral as their flagship. The Astral is a capital ship, with the highest tech, the largest fighter bays, and heavy missile weaponry.

    Next, you should know about the role of the Starfarer. As its name suggests, this type of spaceborne ship is controlled by an empire. Its mission is to protect the empire and the people on it. While it may not seem like a big deal, it’s important to know that it’s not always easy to control one. In Starsector, these kinds of ships are called “Starfarers” and are the most expensive of them.

    starsector ship tier list

    The high tech ship tier list can be a great way to increase your level quickly and get a feel for which ones are better than others. There are six different ship classes, and each class has its own unique advantages. For example, fighters are the smallest, capitals are the largest, and stations are the large orbital defense structures. The tech levels of these ships can be divided into three main groups, namely low tech, midline, and high tech.

    Starsector high tech ships

    There are two main types of Starsector high tech ships: midline and high. Midline ships balance shields and armor with energy weapons and ballistic weapons. They have middling handling and abilities and similar blue shields. High tech ships, on the other hand, favor speed and maneuverability and have more advanced abilities and missiles. They also have blue-white exhaust. However, these ships are not necessarily the best choice for every player.

    There are two factions that dominate the game’s technological advancements. The Hegemony is a martial state that claims to be the true heir to the galaxy. The Hegemony uses low-tech ships with heavy armor and inefficient shields. The rebel faction, the Persean League, uses midline ships with balanced weapons and shields. Meanwhile, the Tri-Tachyon is the remnants of the Tri-Tachyon corporation, a powerful company that once ruled the sector. Their ships are a blend of high-tech and low-tech.

    Both high-tech and low-tech ships use flux as their generic resource. While firing weapons will increase the ship’s flux, shields take flux. Venting the flux will drain the ship of flux, and both will increase the likelihood of an overload. This is a common phenomenon and will happen more often than you might think. In addition to that, it is important to understand that the tech levels in High Tech ships tend to be lateral, rather than linear.

    Star Trek Online High Tech Ships

    High Tech hulls are some of the most powerful vessels in the sector. They rely heavily on energy-based weapons, with the highest flux and shield stats. They may even be equipped with a Phase Cloak ship system. This article will discuss the differences between High Tech hulls and Low-mid tech vessels in Star Trek Online. However, these high-tech vessels aren’t a perfect match for the game’s main factions.

    starsector-high- tech-ships

    Low-mid tech ships

    While high-tech ships are capable of taking on any enemy, low-mid tech hulls are more effective on the frontlines. They often rely on missile and ballistic weapons and have above-average hull and armor levels. However, their lack of advanced technologies makes them more susceptible to flanking and other forms of combat. While these ships can take significant damage, they are a staple for pilots of many low-tech starships.

    The main difference between low-tech and high-tech ships lies in their tech level. Low tech ships have lower speed, less flux, and simpler systems. Their playstyle tends to be more aggressive, and their low-tech characteristics will allow them to outlast higher-tech ships in an extended fight. Low-tech ships also lack the cool new stuff that higher-tech ships have, so they are less fun to play.

    While low-tech ships are the easiest to play, they do have their limitations. High-tech ships are more versatile than low-tech ones, and their shields and armor are superior to those of low-tech ships. However, while high-tech ships are faster, low-tech ships have a higher defense rating and are more efficient at grinding down enemies one by one. And while high-tech ships have superior shields and armor, they also lose combat readiness more quickly than midline ships.

    The XIV Battlegroup has a high defense rating, and its Reaper torpedoes are capable of shredding armor. However, the XIV Onslaught Battleship has 1850 base armor and three large ballistic slots. Its speed is 23 standard units. Low-mid tech ships can also get more speed by using the Burn Drive. This gives them a leg up on the higher-tech ships.

    starsector-high- tech-ships


    The Conquest of starsector high tech ships is an extremely powerful starship that favors bold and experienced captains, as its large, 120deg arc turrets and armor plating allow the ship to easily breach a defense and ram the enemy. The ship also features the most advanced technologies available, including weapon mounts that can bring massive firepower to bear. Unlike other ships of the same class, the Conquest is capable of breaking engagements by circling at high speeds.

    The Hegemony is the largest faction and believes it is the true heir to the galaxy. Its ships are low tech, utilizing heavy armor and inefficient shields. The Persean League is a rebel faction that uses balanced “midline” ships and controls several markets on different worlds. Tri-Tachyon is the remnants of the powerful Tri-Tachyon corporation. Unlike Hegemony, the Tri-Tachyon is a faction that uses high tech ships.

    Midline ships are wedge-shaped and have high armor and shields. They are painted tan or yellow. Midline ships have middling maneuverability, and a few basic abilities. These ships often use linear speed boosts such as Burn Drive, and are designed for a range of weapons. High-tech ships typically have more sophisticated weapons and a wide range of abilities. A midline ship can also have a wedge-shaped hull, and some exotic missiles and weapons.


    The Mbaye-Gogol 440 “Starliner” is a midline civilian cruiser with two classes of cabins and a zero-G theater. This vessel can also be converted into a military troop transport for use by the Hegemony. However, it does not have facilities for fighter repairs. The original design for the Starliner was completed in the Human Domain era, and the Earth branch was chosen to produce the first military variant of the class.

    Midline ships are a middle-class ship with a wedge-shaped hull and varying shades of yellow. Their abilities are similar to those of High Tech ships, but their handling and combat performance are slightly inferior. They are easy to destroy, whereas a superfreighter or a Prometheus supertanker can destroy an unprotected frigate. In addition, their technology levels are not linear and are lateral, rather than linear.

    High-tech vessels like these are designed for use in combat, and they are some of the best-performing ships in the sector. Their shield and flux stats are among the highest in the galaxy, and they may also feature a phase cloak ship system. These vessels also tend to be well-equipped for escorting large armies. However, they must be used with caution, as combat in space is extremely taxing on the mind and body.


    The Dram is a star sector light tanker with enough fuel capacity to double the effective range of a small task force or convoy. Its powerful engine and high fuel capacity allow it to perform several exploration missions in a core world at once. These ships are usually picked up early in the game for such activities as exploration and surveying. Note that the data for the Dram is only current as of version 0.95 of the game. However, the information is probably accurate and up to date.


    The Carinae-class Troop Transport is the successor to the Starliner-class Civilian Transport. The Hegemony chose Hyperion Systems to redesign the Civilian Transport to a military variant. The Earth Branch of Hyperion Systems manufactured the Carinae-class Troop Transport. The blueprints for the Carinae-class Troop Transport were shipped to other branches prior to the collapse of the Human Domain.

    The ship was designed by the Hyperion Systems Persean Sector as a phased battleship. It was initially converted to crew transport before being transformed into a destroyer. It was eventually used to protect trade secrets and was lost in the Persean Sector system. Later, it was recovered by Hyperion Systems after being lost in the system. It was resurrected after surviving looters and pirates destroyed the Betelgeuse-class Superfreighter that was carrying the prototype.

    Hyperion Systems

    The Hyperion Systems corporation was a powerful and well-established company in the Persean Sector. They had long worked in the shadows of the Hegemony, but later left it in order to establish their own government. This time they sided with the Persean League. In the years since, they have built many high tech ships that are used in the starsector.

    One such ship is the Sirius class phase destroyer, which was designed by the Tri-Tachyon Corporation but later shelved. This ship was lost in the Persean Sector during the Human Domain era, but was recovered by Hyperion Systems as a salvaged craft from a crashed Betelgeuse-class Superfreighter. However, these ships were not reborn as a destroyer, but as a crew transport.

    The Wayfarer is a good battle freighter, while the Omen* is a fast battle carrier with good sensors. The Monitor is a good frigate with decent flux stats and built-in drones. The Tempest is a dedicated carrier, while the Falcon is a smaller battleship with better turret arcs and more fighter bays. It also has a dedicated hull mod for surveying.

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