Star Road Entertainment

    Star Road Entertainment is a South Korean record label and entertainment agency. The label was formerly known as H.Mate Entertainment, but the name has changed to reflect a more modern image. The company is currently home to an impressive roster of artists, including singers, actors, and sports stars. Here’s a look at some of the most interesting stars signed by the label. Read on to discover the stars of this label and learn more about their careers.

    Kim Sang Kyun

    Korean rapper Kim Sang Kyun, aka A-Tom, has officially transferred to Star Road Entertainment. Formerly under Hunus Entertainment, he has been part of groups including JBJ95, ToppDogg, and the duo JBJ95. Star Road is Kim Sang Kyun’s new label, but he has worked with Hunus for a number of years.

    However, JBJ95 members claim that Star Road Entertainment cut off the lessons because the group did not meet the contract deadline. Hence, they want the contracts terminated. Star Road Entertainment, which owns JBJ95, denied the allegations and said it would look into the matter. However, the members of JBJ95 are still not convinced that the company has violated the contract. This situation is further complicated by the fact that the contract is between Kim Sang Kyun and Hunus Entertainment, and they claim that Star Road Entertainment has hired temporary workers who do not have any language skills.


    Kim Sang Gyun, formerly of JBJ95, has signed an exclusive contract with Star Road Entertainment. The two companies had previously worked separately as Kim Sang Gyun’s agency and Kenta Star Road Entertainment’s. However, after they reached an agreement to work together, they began promoting the boy band together. Here is an inside look at their relationship. Kenta Star Road Entertainment is one of the leading entertainment companies in Japan.

    The company’s recent turmoil has caused a series of lawsuits in which the labels’ executives claim employees have not been paid. One of the lawsuits focuses on unpaid concert organizer fees and employee wages. The label has also stopped doing any business with JBJ95, which is why all of its employees have quit. The latest development relates to the alleged failure to pay the artists’ wages. The lawsuit claims that the company has not paid its employees on time and has not supported them with benefits.

    The two artists’ lawsuit alleges that Star Road Entertainment sabotaged their careers by failing to give them their own managers. In addition, they claim the agency did not provide the band with their own managers and they ended up hiring temporary managers outside the company. These workers had to schedule makeup appointments, hairstyle appointments, and other activities to perform. The lawsuit was accepted by the Seoul West Provincial Courts on April 9.


    Yanagi Mizuho

    In Japan, Yanagi Mizuho is a popular singer whose aspirations have led her to South Korea to pursue her K-pop dreams. She came to Korea with high hopes of becoming a K-pop idol and has been practicing her dance steps under strict instruction ever since. She has studied Korean language and has a strict diet of 300 calories per day. To help her achieve her dreams, Yanagi Mizuho left Japan for Korea and has settled in Seoul, South Korea.

    CEO Park

    HYBE, the entertainment company owned by the hit boy group BTS, has appointed Park Ji-won as CEO. Bang, who is known by his stage name ‘Hitman,’ will remain as Chairman of the company, while also concentrating on music production. His name appears on numerous tracks by BTS and ENHYPEN, which he produced. In his new role, Park will oversee the organization’s various divisions.

    The problem arose when the CEO of Star Road Entertainment failed to meet the deadline for payment, a request he failed to meet. The company reportedly had difficulty raising funds, but the CEO promised to cover the cost of production through the sales of the event. However, the label didn’t contact the production company “A” as promised, and the remaining balance was due Jan. 31. In a separate incident, the agency’s chief executive officer allegedly made personal use of funds received from a label, saying he was using the money for his own benefit. However, this case has a very high likelihood of being investigated by the Federal Trade Commission.

    After the company took over H.Mate Entertainment, Park has established two independent hip-hop record labels. The company also has a roster of artists from South Korea and Seattle. Interestingly, Park has also been working on acting, presenting on Mnet’s ‘Street Woman Fighter’ series and the Disney original show ‘Rookies’. However, despite the high-profile role he has, his popularity has waned in recent years.

    The former H1GHR MUSIC CEO Jay Park has left the company after two years. He will continue to work with both companies as an advisor. He was CEO of both companies from 2013 to 2017.

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