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    Using advanced science of vocal biomarkers, sonde health jobs proprietary technology evaluates your mental fitness through a sample of your voice. The tool tracks your personal score trends and provides insightful tips to improve your mental health. The system transcribes your voice into an easily-accessible digital text journal. This allows you to review your progress over time, and understand your mood and mental fitness trends.

    The company’s enterprise vocal biomarker platform has been used to monitor respiratory and mental health. The company has developed a voice biomarker product based on these voice samples and has been working with clinical organizations and health systems around the world to develop the technology. The company’s voice-based technology platform uses advanced audio signal processing and machine learning to identify subtle changes in voice patterns caused by changes in physiology.

    Sonde Health jobs offers a white-label solution for developers. Its initial products address respiratory and mental health issues. The company also offers its solution to app developers, and it is looking for people who can white-label it. While the company has just been around since 2019, Liu has held previous roles at companies such as AOL and Quartet Health. He holds an engineering degree and an MBA from Columbia University.

    If you’re interested in working in the healthcare industry, a position at sonde health jobs might be right for you. The company is one of the pioneers in vocal biomarker technology, which identifies changes in a person’s voice that can be indicative of health conditions. Sonde uses this data to inform patients and engage them in their own health and fitness improvement.

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