Secret Mens Business

    The film Secret Mens Business explores the issues and relationships of four school-friends. In an effort to understand the problems that these young men are facing, they go on an adventure to find out what really goes on in the lives of these boys. Among the problems they face are sexual harassment and bullying. They are pushed to the limits of friendship and are forced to face the consequences of their actions. This movie is a must-see for any guy who enjoys comedy.

    John Marsden’s Film

    Secret Mens Business” is a powerful non-fiction book for young men, written by John Marsden and based on his award-winning novel Tomorrow, When the War Began. In the book, Marsden addresses the issues most young men don’t know about, guiding them to confront their fears and be more honest and open. For this reason, the film won the Golden Globe for Best Film.

    The film’s premise is very funny and interesting. Four school friends try to keep secrets and gain power by sabotaging their classmates. The gang is a crime-fighting ring and they are all after one woman. The film features a wonderful cast, including David Coussins and John Marsden himself. The film is a must-see for any movie lover or movie fan. Laughter is guaranteed in this film.

    Film Reviews

    “Secret Mens Business” is a film about four school-aged friends. The plot revolves around the dynamics of these friendships and the problems they face. Secret Men’s Business is directed by Ken Cameron, and stars Simon Baker, Ben Mendelsohn, Jeremy Sims, Jeremy Callaghan, and Maya Stange. Other prominent cast members include Joel Edgerton, Brian Harrison, and Rebecca McLeod.

    Misogynist Critique

    A misogynist critique of the secret mens business by Australian author John Marsden suggests that a mythical, male-only industry has hindered gender relations and the development of a feminist movement. This misogynist critique is a reactionary conservative movement, using gender essentialist, traditionalist, and Jungian archetypes. This misogynist critique does not recognize social construction and suggests that men and women have different “shadow” sides. John Stacy’s tweets are indicative of misogynist attitudes.

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