Sameday Health Redondo Beach

    Sameday Health Redondo Beach offers a comprehensive range of health care services, from diagnostic tests to wellcare. The innovative company combines intuitive technology with a client obsession. It provides quality care at clinics and at home. Its mission is to make healthcare a seamless experience. Clients can trust Sameday Health for quality, efficient care.

    The clinic accepts most major medical insurances and also offers Self-Pay for its services. Users can also view and edit their medical insurance information through the Sameday Health Redondo Beach mobile app. The data provided by their clients is protected by HIPAA compliance. Patients’ personal information is never shared outside the company. They also offer a client-centric support team to help clients.

    Sameday Health is located on the southwest corner of Pacific Coast Highway and Pearl Street in Sameday Health Redondo Beach, CA. This medical facility offers same-day results for a variety of health conditions. It is accessible by foot and provides parking on a limited number of spaces. The clinic offers a variety of services for patients of all ages.

    Sameday Health’s mission is to make health care an experience. The company combines intuitive technology with a human approach to create quality care. Its focus on the client ensures that their patients are comfortable and satisfied. Sameday Health is also committed to redefining the role of medical professionals and their patient care. They provide flexible working hours and rewarding compensation packages. The clinic is open to both medical insurance and self-pay options.

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