RTR Tech 7 Offset Forged Wheel

    The RTR Tech 7 Wheel is a high performance forged wheel that has 14 spokes and converges at the lip to create a seven-point design. It is crafted from cast aluminum and has a flow-forming process for strength and durability. The wheel is finished in gloss black and is protected by a clear-coated finish that resists stone chips and pitting. This makes them perfect for the street and track.


    Rtr tech 7 forged

    The RTR Tech 7 Offset Forged Wheel is designed by Vaughn Gittin Jr. The 14 spokes of this wheel converge at the lip of the rim, creating a distinctive seven-point design. They’re made of cast aluminum and reinforced with flow-forming. The wheel’s clear-coated finish is stealthy, yet tough enough to defend against daily driving hazards. Its forged construction and matte finish protect it from stone chips and pitting.

    The RTR Tech 7 Offset Forged Wheel features a low-pressure cast that creates a rim similar to a forged wheel. The wheel is then cooled rapidly to increase its elastic strength and durability. The wheel is heated to the proper temperature and forged by rollers that press against the barrel. This stretching process improves the aluminum grain structure. The weight of this wheel is 23 pounds. Besides, the RTR Tech 7 is also available in purple metallic.


    Rtr tech 7 wheel

    RTR Tech 7 Wheels are designed by Vaughn Gittin Jr. with fourteen spokes that converge at the lip of the wheel. Unlike the standard cast aluminum wheel, RTR Tech 7 wheels feature a lightweight and durable design. The wheels’ gloss black or matte charcoal finishes are durable enough to protect against the everyday wear and tear of daily driving. Road chips and pitting won’t penetrate the tough outer finish.

    The Aero 7 wheel package includes Nitto NT555 G2 tires. These tires are known for their excellent handling and traction. The tires are 275/35-20 in the front and 295/35-20 in the rear. Both types of tires are designed to fit the specific rim size of a Mustang. For extra durability and handling, the RTR Tech 7 wheel is equipped with a brake pad. It weighs 23 lbs.


    Mustang rtr tech 7

    Ford Performance and RTR Vehicles have joined forces to deliver the ultimate performance vehicle package for the 2013-14 model year. This performance vehicle package is a fusion of American muscle and European styling. Mustang RTR comes in three different Spec packages. Each component is tested on the track by Ford test drivers, including Formula Drift Champion Vaughn Gittin Jr. To ensure the performance and handling of the RTR vehicle, the manufacturer has developed these components to ensure the highest level of quality.

    The Tech 7 Wheel adds a touch of aggressive style to the Ford Mustang. Its unique design incorporates 14 spokes that converge at the lip. The forged design makes it much lighter than a cast aluminum wheel. Available in gloss black or matte charcoal, RTR Tech 7 Wheels are durable and resistant to road chips, road rash and pitting. This wheel kit is compatible with both Ford and Mustang models.


    Rtr tech 6

    The RTR Tech Six wheels are one-piece alloy wheels with exposed lugs and a Satin Black finish. They are available in 17×9 and 18×9 sizes. Whether you’re looking for a new set of wheels for your Mustang or are looking for something different to make your car stand out from the crowd, the Tech 6 wheel may be just what you’re looking for. RTR Tech Six wheels are also available in a 6×5.5 configuration.

    These wheels use Flow Forming Technology to minimize the overall weight of the wheel while maintaining a strong yet lightweight design. The RTR Tech 6 wheel was designed by Vaughn Gittin Jr. and features a split y-spoke pattern. It is designed with aggressive looks that will leave your ride looking like a beast tearing up the trails. The RTR Tech 6 Offset Wheels are also made to last, offering a great value and performance.

    Rtr tech 5

    The RTR Tech 5 Offset Wheel adds aggressive modern styling to your Ford Mustang. The split y-spoke design and unique casting process make these wheels extremely lightweight compared to standard cast aluminum wheels. These wheels are suited for most vehicle makes and models, including the Mustang. The factory-installed TPMS sensor will monitor tire pressure if the car’s tires reach unsafe levels. These wheels are available in a variety of sizes and offsets.

    The RTR Tech 5 Offset Wheel weighs just under 23 pounds. The wheel was previously mounted on the vehicle, but is available in 19-inch and 22-inch offsets. They are a perfect blend of off-road and race style wheels. They will fit any vehicle and come with a lifetime structural warranty. The wheels are made of a high-quality, one-piece aluminum construction. The RTR Tech 5 Offset Wheel is designed for a stance that is somewhere between a racer and an off-roader.

    Rtr tech 5 wheels

    Adding a set of forged RTR Tech 7 wheels to your Ford Mustang will instantly boost its look and performance. Designed by Vaughn Gittin Jr., the Tech 7 Wheel features 14 spokes that converge at the lip of the wheel, making them extremely aggressive. Unlike standard cast aluminum wheels, these RTR wheels are manufactured with a unique casting process, which allows them to be extremely light while still providing extra strength and weight savings. Additionally, the RTR Tech 6 wheel features a slit-y-spoke design and can be found in charcoal or satin black finishes.

    Another RTR Tech 5 wheel is available with a 20×10 offset. The 20×10 rear wheel is designed for improved traction. This RTR wheel is available in a satin black finish. Its forged design makes it perfect for any Ford vehicle. The 20×10 offset is designed for the rear wheels to improve traction, which is important for off-road driving. The 20×10 offset is great for traction and handling.

    rtr tech 7 charcoal wheel

    The RTR Tech 7 Wheel is designed by Vaughn Gittin Jr. and comes with fourteen spokes. These converge on the lip of the wheel to form a seven-point design. Cast aluminium construction with a flow-forming process makes the RTR Tech 7 Wheel durable and strong. Its matte finish creates a stealthy appearance while battling daily driving hazards. It is also a popular choice among racers and street riders alike.

    This wheel package comes with a pair of Nitto NT555 G2 tires. They are known for their tremendous traction and handling. The Aero 7 wheel package weighs just 23 pounds. The tires on these wheels are 275/35/20 up front and 295/35-20 at the rear. They also provide a great deal of stability, especially on ice and sand. These wheels are perfect for the track, as they offer improved traction and handling.

    rtr tech 7 wheel weight

    The RTR Tech 7 Wheels have been redesigned by Vaughn Gittin Jr. and feature 14 spokes, which converge at the lip for a seven point design. Its weight offset is lower than standard “Henry Ford” black wheels, making it a great choice for drivers who want improved traction and handling. However, the rim does not come with TPMS sensors, so owners are encouraged to purchase them separately.

    The RTR Tech 7 wheel is 23lbs, weighing 23 pounds. The offset of a wheel is what determines its fit and size. Some retailers advertise their 9-inch wheels as the widest available, but these wheels are typically crafted for a range of different models. You need a wheel that fits the car that you own in order to get the most out of it. The RTR Wheels are designed specifically for Mustangs, so the weight offset is important.


    RTR Tech 7 Offset Wheels for the Ford Mustang

    HRE manufactures the fully forged Tech 7, while RTR makes theirs with a flow form process. These differences are significant and help differentiate the wheels from the competition. Here’s what you need to know about the RTR Tech 7:

    14-spoke design

    The RTR Tech 7 Wheel is designed by Vaughn Gittin Jr. and features a seven-point design with 14 spokes. It is constructed of cast aluminium with flow-forming technology to increase durability. The wheel is finished in a charcoal grey and clear-coated for a long-lasting finish. These wheels have many benefits, including improved handling and style. RTR also offers many aftermarket accessories and parts for their wheels.

    The RTR Tech 7 wheels don’t come with TPMS sensors. The TPMS sensor is a factory-installed safety feature on newer vehicles that will alert the driver if their tire pressure falls below an acceptable level. The RTR Tech 7 wheel does not come with a TPMS sensor, but Nemesis UK recommends purchasing a SCHRADER TPMS for Mustangs from 2015-2019. This sensor is part number #3188 and can be purchased directly from the manufacturer.

    Durable clear-coated finish

    The RTR Tech 7 Offset Wheel is designed by Vaughn Gittin Jr. for modern aggressive styling on your Ford Mustang. The 14-spoke design with smooth lip converges at the lip, ensuring the wheels’ strength. The cast aluminum construction is strengthened through flow-forming, and the finish is clear-coated for durability. Both matte charcoal and gloss black finishes are available, and the wheels are finished with a durable clear-coated finish that will stand up to daily driving.

    RTR Wheels offer a limited warranty to cover structural defects. Warranty covers wheels and rims for a year after purchase. The warranty does not cover installation or transportation costs. If you purchase a rim with a defective finish, it will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of RTR Wheels. The warranty does not cover accessories due to defects in workmanship. RTR Wheels stand behind their products and want to make sure you’re satisfied with your purchase.

    Unique seven-point design

    The new RTR Tech 7 Offset Wheels bring aggressive modern styling to the Ford Mustang. The unique 14-spoke design is the brainchild of Vaughn Gittin Jr. This wheel uses a unique casting process to make it lighter than standard cast aluminum wheels. Available in matte charcoal or gloss black, the RTR Tech 7 Wheels are built to withstand the rigors of everyday driving, including road chips and pitting.

    TPMS safety feature

    The RTR Tech 7 Offset Wheel fits all models of the 2005-2019 Ford Mustang. The installation process requires Tuner Style Lugnuts. TPMS sensors are not included with the RTR Tech 7 Wheel, and you will need to purchase a separate TPMS tool. The RTR Tech 7 Offset Wheel is available for both the front and rear of the vehicle. The installation process is not difficult, but you should be aware that it may require professional installation of the wheel.

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