Risky Business Sound Scoretrack

    The Risky Business soundtrack includes songs by a variety of artists from the film and includes the work of Tangerine Dream, a band formed in 1983. The album was produced for the 1983 Tom Cruise film of the same name. Tangerine Dream released Risky Business as their fourth album. It is one of their best-selling albums.

    The soundtrack consists of 11 tracks, some by Tangerine Dream, and some by other artists. Many of the songs were shortened to match the film’s scenes. Some of the songs were even released as singles. The album was released on 4 August 1983. This album is definitely worth listening to.

    The Risky Business soundtrack features a mixture of classic and modern songs by a variety of artists. Some of the songs are credited, while others are not. Nevertheless, the songs are worth listening to if you’re a fan of sex-fun movies. If you’re a fan of these movies, then you’ll love the Risky Business soundtrack. You’ll find a wide variety of songs, including some that are rare and difficult to find on other albums.

    The Risky Business soundtrack is made up of mostly original songs by Tangerine Dream, but it also features some songs by other artists. Many of these songs were previously released by Tangerine Dream but were shortened for the film. The Police’s “Every Breath You Take” and Bruce Springsteen’s “Swamp” were among the songs that were featured on the film’s soundtrack. Nevertheless, there are some problems with the Risky Business soundtrack.

    Seger’s “Risky Business” was a hit for the film and was considered one of the most popular rock songs of the decade. It was also named the Song of the Century by Rolling Stone. Although Seger never toured after the movie, his album was a huge success. It made Seger’s career even better.

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