Rimas Entertainment LLC Artistas

    Rimas entertainment llc artistas, a multi-faceted company, is home to a diverse group of artists. The artists’ contractual obligations include management, artistic representation, and distribution. The company also invests in real estate. The company also owns a dispensary that sells cannabis and owns several restaurants. Artists who have signed with Rimas include Tommy Torres and Corina Smith.

    Rimas Entertainment is made up of over 100 international authors and producers. This organization holds thousands of Copyrights, making it a leader in the latin music industry. It is the current Latin Billboard Publisher of the Year 2021. Other artists signed by Rimas include Cromo X, Victor Cardenas, and Federico Vindver.

    Rimas entertainment llc artistas is a company based in Miami, Florida. Its principal owner is Rafael Jimenez Dan, an ex-viceminstro. His music has won multiple awards. Rimas Entertainment also represents Bad Bunny. The company is currently expanding its roster of artists.

    The company’s CEO is Carlos Rodriguez. He holds a degree in business and started his career in the music industry in 2012. He joined Sony Music Publishing in 2013 and is currently the senior director of creative and A&R. He has worked with many major Latin artists and companies.

    The company’s mission is to promote independent artists in their homeland and abroad. In addition to providing support to artists, Rimas Entertainment also manages their intellectual properties. This includes publishing, marketing, and distribution. The company’s founder is passionate about the evolution of music. He is also a representative of the Instituto de Cultura Puerto Rico.

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