Reid Health Pharmacy

    Located in the heart of Reid, California, Reid Health Pharmacy is your go-to pharmacy for all of your health needs. The pharmacy is staffed by highly trained pharmacists who are ready to help you every step of the way. The pharmacy is open to the public Monday through Friday. They also offer extended hours to better accommodate your hectic schedule. At Reid, you’ll find a wide variety of prescriptions and over-the-counter medications.

    For your convenience, Reid Health also offers a convenient drop-off and pick-up window. Their pharmacists work in the Main Campus pharmacy and the Outpatient Pharmacy. A few also work at the Satellite Pharmacy on the nursing unit. In addition to being located in Reid, their pharmacy is open around the clock.

    The pharmacy was able to recognize that drug diversion was a problem after Hibbard’s arrest in January 2017. After reviewing weekly dispensing system reports, the pharmacy director discussed the implementation of random drug testing on staff. He also provided training on substance abuse in the workplace. In addition, the pharmacy installed high-definition cameras and subscribed to Omnicell Pandora Analytics software. This will help the pharmacy monitor and prevent the diversion of drugs.

    Another recent innovation at Reid Health Pharmacy is its new kiosk for the safe disposal of used prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications. This initiative will help remove unused medicines from the waste stream and prevent children from coming into contact with dangerous medications. It will also help prevent the misuse and abuse of prescription drugs in the home. Currently, more than half of teens who admit to taking prescription drugs get them from their parents’ medicine cabinets. The kiosk is under video surveillance and will be monitored closely by the pharmacy to ensure the safe disposal of unwanted prescription drugs.

    Reid Health has a longstanding relationship with local EMS providers. The hospital’s on-board medications for emergency runs are stocked by Reid Health. The hospital also provides Medical Director services at no cost to area ambulance services. As part of this initiative, Reid Health has expanded its EMS area off the Emergency Department so that EMS crews will have a more comfortable area to wait for their patients.

    As the economy continues to struggle, many smaller hospitals have been forced to close their doors. Due to financial pressures and declining reimbursements, these hospitals are increasingly competing with larger national organizations in order to attract and retain staff. As a result, Reid Health has experienced explosive growth. With these changes, healthcare providers need to look for new ways to stay competitive in a changing healthcare industry.

    Reid Health Pharmacy is involved in various community events. One recent effort involved a group of nurses who organized a community benefit event at the Family Fitness Works Rec Plex. The event drew more than 300 people. This effort is part of Reid’s Community Benefit program. There are many ways to support the organization in its mission to improve the community and make life better for people living in Richmond, California. The Reid Health Community Benefit team is working to provide gift bags and door prizes for attendees.

    Many of the benefits offered by Reid Health Pharmacy may not be available to those without health insurance. Some may require the participant to enroll in the Gateway to Work program, which encourages people to volunteer, attend school, and work. Claim Aid also works with Reid Health to provide financial assistance to those who qualify. They can also provide insurance and help with enrollment in various financial assistance programs. It is important to find out your eligibility for the program before enrolling in the program.

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