ProTech Headache Rack

    A pro tech headache rack can secure your cargo while protecting it from damage. It will also add to the aesthetics of your truck. Most headache racking systems are made of sturdy metal that won’t corrode and protect your cargo while in transit. If you want to store a lot of things on your truck, you’ll want to consider a cab mount headache rack. These systems can secure your cargo with a simple mount in your cab.

    Magnum Headache Rack

    Among the many features of the Magnum pro tech headache rack is a wire harness that runs from the back of the truck to the headlight. To install the headache rack, simply unplug the 7-way trailer lights, then connect the modular wire harness. Make sure to tape the access wire to the back of the vehicle. Also, test the lights before installation. The Magnum Sport comes with a matte black powder-coated finish, stake pocket tie downs, and a plug-and-play wiring harness.

    Another great feature of the Magnum headache rack is its protective design. It is made of high-quality aluminum that is finished with automotive grade powder coating to provide maximum durability. It comes with all-inclusive installation hardware kits and stake pocket tie downs for additional security. Magnum headache rack by Pro Tech can cost up to $700, but it’s well worth the money. If you don’t have a tonneau cover, you can also use this rack on your pickup truck to keep it dry.

    Another advantage of the Magnum pro tech headache rack is the tool box it can hold. These tool boxes can hold a variety of tools and are available in aluminum and steel. You can even purchase mounting kits for the headache rack to attach to your vehicle. Magnum headache rack by Pro Tech offers various configurations as well as custom options for the toolbox. Other features of the Magnum headache rack by Pro Tech include adjustable straps, brake light cutouts, and extended feet.

    These headache racks are manufactured in the USA and designed to fit your truck’s bed rail system. They are handcrafted in Washington State to ensure strength, durability, and security. You can install a Magnum headache rack on your truck by following these simple instructions. Remember to measure the dimensions of the truck bed before you start the installation process. If you have a truck with a 60-inch bed, you’ll need to trim the bed rail down a bit to accommodate the rack.

    The Magnum pro tech headache rack is an excellent choice for protecting your vehicle’s rear window from dents and other damage caused by your truck’s headlights. It’s easy to install and is available in a variety of colors and styles. Magnum headache rack by Pro Tech is available in two models, the High and Low Pro. The Magnum High Pro has a three-inch height, while the Magnum Low Pro is only 3 inches taller than the cab.

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