Pomperaug Health District

    The Pomperaug Health District suspended its director after an investigation found widespread systemic and cultural problems. The district serves the towns of Woodbury, Oxford and Southbury. The former health commissioner has been suspended until further notice. The department’s financial condition is also under review. It is unclear if the district will hire a new director.

    The Pomperaug District Department of Health has an online system for appointment scheduling. To access this system, users need to create an account or login to an existing account. Once registered, users enter their email address and password. After that, they can log in to make appointments and view their existing calendars. This system requires a valid photo ID and proof of address. The process varies by location, and some offices issue certificates the same day while others mail them to the applicant. To find out the processing time at a particular location, users can check online.

    Lustig also claimed that the district discriminated against him because of his age, ethnicity and religion. His suspension came on June 2, 2021 after an investigation by the district’s deputy director and an incident in an office. The district agreed to pay him $120,000. The money is being paid to him in two installments. The second installment is due May 15 and the lawsuit will be finalized on Aug. 13.

    The Pomperaug Health District Department of Health offers public health services to the residents of Oxford, Woodbury and Southbury. The department is involved in a variety of activities, including inspecting restaurants and food stores for hygiene. It also inspects septic systems and public pools. It also works to regulate underground water supplies and monitor the spread of infectious diseases.

    The Pomperaug Watershed is the primary source of potable water in the region. The water comes from a stratified-drift aquifer, which is surrounded by layers of glacially-deposited sand and gravel. This is an abundant resource, but it is not unlimited, and the watershed is continually challenged by development.

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