Oaxis Entertainment

    Oaxis Entertainment is a new subscription video on demand service helmed by former Nickelodeon producer Butch Hartman. The service will feature original, acquired, and user-generated content for families to enjoy. Hartman’s goal is to raise $250,000 within 30 days. This money will be used to develop a subscription-based platform, hire creative staff, and acquire material.

    The platform will feature a range of genres, including animated series, comedy, and drama. It will also feature sports and fitness, news, and reality programming. Users can upload content to the platform, and a content filter will ensure that the content is appropriate for their audience. The beta phase will last 30-90 days.

    However, the service is not without controversy. Its creator, Butch Hartman, has been accused of manipulating the audience by making it look like it’s a Christian network. His controversial campaign was first advertised on the popular talk show Marcus & Joni. When the campaign was announced, a Twitter user called RiseFallNick uploaded a video of Hartman describing Oaxis Entertainment as a “Christian network”. While Hartman’s video was deleted, others reuploaded it.

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