Notes Actor Kim Ji Won Parts With SALT Entertainment

    After a successful comeback on the small screen with ‘My Liberation Notes,’ Kim Ji Won has parted ways with SALT Entertainment. The actor, who had an exclusive contract with the agency, announced that he is leaving the company. SALT Entertainment confirmed the news through a statement. In the statement, SALT said it will be looking for a new agency for the actress. The agency will keep fans updated on Kim Ji Won’s future plans.

    Kim Ji Won has ended her partnership with SALT Entertainment

    After two years of working together, South Korean actress Kim Ji Won has parted ways with her agency, SALT Entertainment. According to SALT’s press release, Kim Ji Won has ended her exclusive contract with the company and will no longer be managed by the company. The two sides are going their separate ways, but they are cheering for each other. SALT Entertainment’s statement praised Kim Ji Won for her work as an actress, while Kim Ji Won’s departure will be an unfortunate blow to her fans.

    The actress began her career on the small screen in 2011, appearing in the popular sitcom High Kick: Revenge of the Short Legged. She then landed her first big TV role in MBSN musical drama Romantic Heaven. After her debut on the big screen, Ji Won starred in her first music video, appearing alongside JYJ’s Kim Jae-Joong. Her career grew slowly, but eventually blossomed.

    It is unclear whether Kim Ji Won will return to “Arthdal Chronicles” after her split from her previous agency. Her schedule is currently so jam-packed that she might not be able to return. Neither Kim Ji Won nor Song Joong Ki have commented on the future of “Arthdal Chronicles.” If the actress does return to the show, it could mean a change in the main cast.

    Since her debut in 2010, Kim Ji Won has gained popularity both domestically and overseas. In 2013, she starred in the KBS drama special Waiting for Love and the teen drama The Heirs with Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho. She was named the SBS Drama Awards’ “New Star” in the 2014 edition. In addition to dramas, Ji Won also works as a model and appears in commercials. The salary for her acting duties has remained secret.

    Park Ji Won has not been linked to a significant partner since her partnership with SALT Entertainment. During her free time, she is spending time with her family and friends. The couple has yet to make any public appearances together. The news broke on Tuesday, and the actress has not made any statements yet about her love life. But it doesn’t look like she’s ready to settle down with SALT.

    Kim Seon Ho’s Agency Denies Speculation

    Recently, many netizens have speculated that Kim Seon Ho’s management company was responsible for his ex-girlfriend’s allegations. However, the actor’s agency, Salt Entertainment, has denied the rumours. They have clarified all rumours about the agency and the contract with the actor. This statement is the latest clarification of the agency’s stance on the controversial matter.

    The agency of Kim Seon Ho, who is currently in the process of negotiating a new contract, has denied the rumors about the actor’s contract. The actor has recently been in the news due to a scandal involving his former girlfriend. While apologizing for gaslighting and forcing his ex-girlfriend into an abortion, the actor has been dropped from a large number of shows and two upcoming movies.

    According to the actor’s agency, Kim Seon-ho’s contract will not expire until 2023. However, the agency emphasized its commitment to the actor and the public. The agency also said it will conduct an investigation into the allegations of the alleged mistress. However, the agency also denied rumors that Kim Seon-ho is cheating on his ex-girlfriend.

    Although it’s possible that Kim Seon Ho and his agency are negotiating a contract extension, the agency is insistent on keeping Kim Seon-ho in their stable. The agency also stated that the actress is still under contract with SALT Entertainment. It is also unclear whether this new contract will be the last one between the actor and the agency. Aside from the agency’s denial, there is no official word on whether or not Kim Seon-ho will be dropped from the actor’s contract in the future.

    The agency’s announcement has been met with widespread criticism, with the actor’s name constantly appearing on trending lists. Despite his rebuke, Kim Seon-ho’s name has become synonymous with salt and ice. In addition, his name has also been featured in a plethora of social media posts, including those about his personal life. And while fans are thrilled for their star’s new ventures, fans are still waiting for the real deal.

    Although the agency is trying to prevent further negative publicity, Kim Seon-ho fans are not convinced that the actor is still with them. The actor’s agency has urged fans to keep the rumor to itself as there are no concrete evidences linking the actor to the actress. But this is just another case of how the advertising industry can favor the actor and his agency cannot be trusted.

    Kim Jung Hwa’s Agency Confirms Speculation

    As a former lesbian, Kim Jung Hwa has faced a lot of backlash over the years for her anti-LGBTQ comments. The actress and her agency have yet to respond to the growing hatred and rumors. But, in this article, they reveal the facts and explain how they feel about Kim Jung Hwa’s recent role in a K-drama called Mine.

    Lee Min-ho and Taylor Swift were reportedly dating in 2016 and 2017, respectively. The agency of the singer denied the reports. The two posed for many pictures on social media in the lead-up to the film’s release in 2020. In August 2021, the actresses Kim Go-eun and Lee Min-hwa were rumoured to be dating. However, their agency denied that they were dating.

    According to sources, Kim Jung Hwa’s agency has confirmed the rumors that he has been involved in sex payments with a high-level prostitution broker. The actor escaped from the accident with minor injuries. After this incident, his agency is still looking into the matter. For now, fans are asked to wait until the story is verified before making a final judgment. The actors’ agency has been asked to clarify the rumors so that fans don’t get too upset.

    Meanwhile, fans are still trying to determine whether Hyun Bin and So Ye Jin are dating in real life. Since the drama aired in June, they have continued to receive fan mail and love. Their successful portrayals as Ri Jeong Hyeok and Yoon Se Ri triggered rumors of their relationship. The couple confirmed their relationship in August 2017.

    The cast of the show includes the actors Jang Seung-jo and Park Hye-ahn. The two men also appear alongside actress Kim Jung-hwa’s father, Choi Gyeok-chan. Other popular actors include Jung Hye-jin and Park Ji-won. The drama also stars Jung Hye-ahn and actress Park Yun-hwa.

    The actress’s agency has confirmed the rumours that he was dating Yoo Eun-sung. In April 2009, the two were ranked eighth among the most hard-working idols in South Korea by Forbes. The actress’s fans are thrilled and congratulate her on her engagement. The news about her relationship with Yoo Eun-sung was the latest development. And since they are now engaged, she can officially begin focusing on her career.

    Lee Jin-ho had aspirations of becoming a professional football player. He attended soccer classes with Cha Bum-kun when he was a child and even worked as a model while in elementary school. He also had a sister named Lee Yong-jung, who founded MYM Entertainment. In his high school days, Lee Jin-hwa dated the South Korean actress Park Min-young. They dated for about eight months before breaking up due to their busy schedules.

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