NBA YoungBoy – “Bout My Business Lyrics”

    “Bout My Business” is one of the best songs to get motivational messages from. The lyrics of this song speak about the struggle to achieve success. The song is inspired by the life of NBA youngboy, who grew up in a poor neighborhood and watched his grandpa save pennies and eventually make a million dollars. He uses this hardship as motivation to work harder and achieve his dreams. Vadebeatz produced the song, which was sung by YoungBoy.

    Diamonds nba youngboy lyrics

    “Bout My Business” is one of the latest NBA YoungBoy tracks to drop. The track features a conversation between NBA YoungBoy and his grandfather, as well as a verse from his mother. While the track is full of the usual threats, it’s nice to hear that he isn’t harping on his wealth and fame as much. Despite its modest tempo, the track is a pleasant listen.

    Nba youngboy shadows lyrics

    NBA star Youngboy Never Broke Again released a new song, “Shadows”, today. The song is off of his 38 Baby 2 album. Shadows lyrics are below. The song features YoungBoy never breaking again, a rapper from Atlanta. The lyrics have been posted on his YouTube channel. To see a better translation of the lyrics, click the blue button on the top right corner.

    YoungBoy Never Broke Again, also known as NBA YoungBoy, is an American rap artist, singer, and songwriter. He has released eight independent mixtapes before signing with Atlantic Records. His first single, “Shape of My Soul”, peaked at number 31 on the Billboard Hot 100, and later became the album’s lead single. Other singles from the album include “Valuable Pain” and “Slim Belief.”

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    Nba youngboy grandfather

    The latest NBA YoungBoy track features a conversation between the rapper and his grandfather. The track also includes a verse by his mother. The latter’s verse is like YoungBoy without his mother, as he carries the usual threat lines. It is also subdued and doesn’t harp on his wealth. Still, the song is worth a listen, if only for the mother-son bonding that’s evident.

    "Bout My Business Lyrics" by YoungBoy

    In “Bout My Business Layric“, YoungBoy explains that his mother has been committed to his music career, and she even gives shoutouts to NBA’s siblings and his late grandmother. While YoungBoy acknowledges the influence of his family, he also uses the economic hardships he faced as a motivation to succeed in the music industry. This song was written by YoungBoy and produced by Vadebeatz.

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