Minecraft Education Edition – Can’t Sign in?

    If you are using the Minecraft Education Edition, you are experiencing an error message that says “You must have a license to use the Minecraft education edition.” If you are unable to sign in, you may be using a personal email account. To get a license, contact the IT administrator at your school. You can also try a demo account, which has no cost. Lastly, you can contact the developer to ask for a refund.

    Minecraft Education Edition Can't Sign In

    Minecraft Education Edition is a popular online game, but it’s proving to be a bit troublesome. Many students cannot sign in, even after rebooting their iPad five or six times. The app says something went wrong, check your internet connection, but ours is fine. Furthermore, many students who can log in are unable to connect to multiplayer or other students’ worlds. However, the problem is not limited to those who cannot log in.

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