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    MGS is a leading enterprise business and technology solutions provider with a local presence in Bangladesh. We have an in-depth knowledge of enterprise business MGS Tech Bangla and technology solutions and are able to provide customized, flexible and cost-effective solutions. Our staff has more than 18 years of experience in creating and implementing enterprise business and technology solutions. They have a proven methodology to ensure client satisfaction. They also provide independent assessments of your IT needs. They are available to assist you in any IT project, from the design and development of your IT infrastructure to deploying enterprise applications.

    We are a Leading Provider of Enterprise Business and Technology Solutions

    MGS Tech Bangla desh is a leading provider of enterprise business and IT solutions in Bangladesh. The company focuses on three major divisions: Technology Solutions, Business Solutions, and Campus Services. These divisions focus on different areas, including HR/payroll and custom applications. The support team focuses on different aspects of the company, including quality assurance, training, and operational support. Small Business Services handles desktop support.

    We have a Local Presence in Bangladesh

    MG is a Chinese automaker with a local presence in MGS Tech Bangla. Since it started its operations here in 2013, MG has gained popularity in the local car market with affordable vehicles that offer industry-leading features. In Bangladesh, MG is offering the MG ZS, its first nameplate, which was refreshed in 2020 with more technology and a new design. Its local presence is a great advantage for MG.

    The country’s automobile industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the country, thanks to the socio-economic development and increasing purchasing power of the middle class. According to a recent World Bank report, the number of passenger cars in Bangladesh is set to grow by 5.43% between 2011 and 2020. However, the country’s automobile penetration is very low, compared to other countries in Asia, such as India. The country’s middle-class population class is growing at a rate of 10 percent annually.

    The availability of hybrid cars has also increased in Bangladesh. Chinese carmakers have brought affordable SUVs to the country. According to a Lightcastle survey, 28.1% of prospective buyers plan to buy a hybrid car in the future. The SUV market share in Bangladesh was just 16% in 2017 and is expected to grow to 24% by 2020. This makes it a great time to invest in electric vehicles in Bangladesh.

    Groundwater serves as the country’s major source of drinking water. Nearly 90% of the population in Bangladesh is covered by groundwater. Moreover, over 98% of the population has access to a safe, technologically-improved water source. Safe managed water services ensure that the water is available when it’s needed, is clean and free from contaminants, and can be easily maintained by local communities.

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