Martha Pacho Sports Director at Hacienda San Luis

    The George School is a diverse community that fosters respect, tolerance and adaptability. In the sports department, pacho sports teaches multiple life science courses and coaches varsity wrestling and boys’ tennis. He has led more than a dozen service trips to Latin America and has traveled extensively in search of rare bird species. Pacho enjoys practicing art and has a BA in biology from Earlham College. His passion for life science has led him to teach at George School since 1986.

    Hacienda San Luis is a sports complex in Pacho Cundinamarca

    The Hacienda San Luis sports complex is a wonderful facility for the entire family. The complex includes a large pool and pacho sports courts for basketball, volleyball, and soccer. The complex has the perfect climate for the whole family to play and relax. For more information, visit the Hacienda San Luis website. It is a great place to spend a day or an evening.

    The complex is located in the city of Pacho, Colombia, and is the leader in the region when it comes to producing high-quality cattle. Cattle from the ranch include Jersey, Holstein, Pardo Suizo, and Normando. It also hosts various other artistic and cultural activities. These activities are aimed at promoting a holistic development of individuals.

    Pacho is a life science teacher at George School

    Martha pacho sports is a life science teacher at the George School. She is a graduate of Earlham College and is one of the School’s most passionate teachers. Her students inspire her. They work together in small groups, take risks, and are always eager to learn. At George School, students can expect to get a challenging education, but they can also expect to learn about themselves. Pacho has an MA in education from Columbia University and a BA in biology from Earlham College.

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