Luminant Entertainment

    Luminant Entertainment is a South Korean record label. It was founded in 2006 by a South Korean rapper. The label is home to numerous talented artists, but its most prominent name is the artist ‘King’. Souh Korean artists have all made their mark on the world with their music and videos. Luminant Entertainment’s latest release, ‘King’, is a great example of this. This music video features a boyband’s unique take on an old classic.


    Sm c&c

    SM is one of the biggest Korean entertainment conglomerates. With the advent of multimedia technology, the content production industry has grown more active. In addition, the Korean Wave has led to a growing demand for Korean cultural content globally. Keeping these in mind, S.M.C&C has made it a point to produce content with excellent quality and marketability. By doing so, the company expects to create a sensation in the global media content business.

    SM C&C is a South Korean advertising, production, talent agency, theatrical production, and travel company. Its television and variety shows are listed below. The titles of the shows indicate the year, network, and title. The company also owns SM Studios. Its subsidiaries include SM luminant entertainment, SM Studios, and SM Entertainment. In addition to producing television shows, the company has a theatrical division, SM Studios.



    YANUSMUSIC’s latest release “gasa” has become a huge hit, but that doesn’t mean fans are ready to say goodbye to the idol. The artist is still looking for a way to keep the love and affection that he’s been able to create for his fans alive. This is the reason why he’s released a new track. Watchamusic by luminant entertainment features two songs from the band that will make you dance: Gasa and Yoshi.


    Wuzo Entertainment

    Currently, the only South Korean boy group in the Top 40 is Blitzers, which is under the umbrella of WUZO Entertainment. The group’s name means “rush to the world with our music and dance.” It was previously known as WUZO CIRCLE. In addition to being successful in their field, Blitzers are also known for their positive media presence and instagram profile.

    Another member of the label is Choi Suhwan, a Korean dancer and singer. He will make his debut in 2020. Other members of the label include Choi Jinhwa and Lee Hyeop. The company is also represented by masodik evadba Kim Dongbin. The company has also acquired other companies, including One Cool Jacso Entertainment and MLD Entertainment.

    Another popular show from WUZO is PRODUCE X 101, a Chinese drama with the same title. It follows the story of the mysterious “purodeyusu” (the secret of producing 101). X1-MA is also a Chinese movie, starring Yuan Zheng, who has an infamously bad temper. Despite this, fans will definitely enjoy this new drama.


    Luminant Entertainment

    Luminant Entertainment is a South Korean record label based in Seoul. It is home to artists from a variety of genres. Luminant’s first album, ‘I Am the World’, came out in September, and was met with widespread acclaim. The label’s sound has earned it the nickname “Soul-Korea Sound,” and has remained a mainstay in the Korean music scene for over a decade.

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