Litton Entertainment

    Litton Entertainment is a media company that produces and broadcasts educational and family entertainment television shows. The company has offices in the U.S. and the United Kingdom and its products are distributed worldwide. The company also produces and distributes films, documentaries, and other content. Its corporate website features information on the company, its products, and its employees.

    Litton Entertainment was founded by Dave Morgan in 1989 and has since built a reputation as a producer of quality family programming. The company is one of the top independent producers and distributors of educational and informational content and has an extensive library of award-winning content. Its award-winning content can be found on a variety of channels around the world, including ABC, CBS, and the CW Network.

    Litton’s most popular programs are the Emmy-winning shows it produces for broadcast networks. These include the CBS Dream Team, Innovation Nation, Game Changers, and Kevin Frazier’s “Little League,” among others. In addition to original programming, the company also distributes popular consumer education and health programs through its subsidiary, Litton News Source.

    The company has a strong creative team and management team. It plans to expand its original programming offerings on multiple platforms. Hearst has acquired a majority stake in Litton Entertainment and plans to buy the balance in 2021. Litton Entertainment is a leading provider of family entertainment programming for networks.

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