Lib Tech Skunk Ape Snowboard

    The Lib Tech Skunk Ape is a versatile twin-shape all-mountain snowboard. This model holds an edge well and grips pretty hard in hard, icy snow. Its extra edge hold helps it carve harder on all conditions. If you have wide feet or want a board that is built for bigger feet, the Skunk Ape is a great choice.

    Lib Tech Skunk Ape Snowboard

    Big guys need light set ups, and a Lib Tech Skunk Ape is designed for them. Lightweight construction makes all the difference in every terrain. The super lightweight Horsepower construction used in Skunk Ape eliminates heel and toe drag for the perfect strength-to-weight ratio. It is also very comfortable thanks to the contoured shape. In addition to the lightweight construction, the Skunk Ape features a durable carbon fiber topsheet for ultimate grip and control.

    The Lib Tech Skunk Ape Snowboard is a versatile snowboard for bigfooters. Its twin-shape design and C2 BTX technology make it ideal for freestylers and snowboarders who love to rip. The board’s C2 camber base provides a well-balanced float, pop, and precision while its Magne-Traction edges offer legendary grip. Despite its big foot size, this board is easy to maneuver and will fit most riders’ weight and style.


    For a versatile all-mountain board, look no further than the Lib Tech Skunk Ape. With a long nose and short tail, this board handles any terrain and doesn’t mess up switch riding. Its twin shape is ideal for bigger riders. It is available in both med/fast and wide models. The Lib Tech Skunk Ape also holds an edge well in hard to icy snow.

    For big men looking for an all-mountain board, the Lib Tech Skunk Ape HP C2 Snowboard is the right choice. The lightweight and versatile Lib Tech Skunk Ape HP C2 has C2 Camber to allow big guys to execute slam-dashes and pop tricks easily. The board is also built with a durable Magne-Traction(r) edge system for incredible grip.


    If you want an all-mountain snowboard, look no further than the Lib Tech Skunk Ape. Its twin shape, with a longer nose than tail, helps it navigate all terrain without messing with your switch riding. Its performance is good enough to be used for park riding, but it also excels in the all-mountain setting. Read on to learn more about this snowboard.

    The Lib Tech Skunk Ape Snowboard is built for bigger people. The C2 camber profile is designed for bigger feet. The base is reinforced with Basalt Alloy. You’ll be able to easily control the board’s speed. It also has plenty of grip and holds your hand while turning and balancing. It isn’t ultra-light, but it’s definitely more forgiving than the Skunk Ape.

    Built for Bigger Feet

    The term “built for bigger feet” has several different meanings. People with larger feet often have more friends who wear the same size shoe, and smaller people often borrow big-footed shoes. Some people also associate larger feet with improved athleticism and a stronger kick. These attributes are true, but are more important for sports like soccer, where the larger feet help people stay balanced and grounded. Therefore, these shoes may also be helpful in other ways.


    The Horsepower of the Lib Tech Skunk Ape is a mid-stiff snowboard, with a poppy, quick return. Its design is based on the C2 camber profile from Mervin Manufacturing, which gives precise control and power. It also features Magne-Traction to cut into the ice and provide increased edge hold. Both the 2015 and 2016 models are very similar to the 2014 model.

    Designed for large-footed fellas, the Lib Tech Skunk Ape Snowboard is lightweight and amazingly responsive. It’s eco-friendly, too, with its C2 camber and Magne-Traction edges. It’s also a great choice for riding in the NW’s notorious crud. And it’s even available in Travis Rice’s version.

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