Jellyfish Entertainment Moves Into a New Office Building

    The jellyfish entertainment building company, which also manages the popular K-pop groups Gugudan and VIXX, has bought a new building in Sinsa-dong, Seoul. The company made the purchase in January and signed the building over to CEO Hwang Se-jun in February. The new office building is 5 stories and located adjacent to the company’s current location in Gangnam. The building used to be a hospital but was converted into an office building for the Jellyfish Entertainment group.

    In 2008, the jellyfish entertainment building company signed Sung Si-kyung, who had already released the single “Parting Once Again”. Later, Lisa and Park Hyo-shin signed with the company and were featured on the Hwang Project Vol. 1 Welcome to the Fantastic World album. The group later added Altair to their ranks. The remodeled facility has all the amenities the group needs. But what makes it so unique is the layout.

    In the same year, the company announced the formation of a boy group, VIXX, under the label of Jellyfish Entertainment. The group was formed on the Mnet reality show MyDOL. They debuted as VIXX on May 24, 2012. In May of 2013, the company announced that CJ E&M purchased 19% of the company’s shares and joined the label system as an independent label. In April, the company signed actresses Cho Hye-jung and Jung So-min to their roster.

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