i9 Sports Basketball

    The i9 Sports basketball program helps kids develop their basketball skills and self-esteem. Children in these programs learn the fundamentals of the sport as well as game strategy and teamwork. The program is best for ages four and up. i9 Sports certified staff teach the basic skills of basketball and develops players as a whole.

    Each player is provided with an official i9 sports basketball t-shirt. Players are also required to wear athletic shorts and sneakers. For other sports, it is best to visit the Find A Program section of i9 Sports to determine the specific equipment required. You can then pick the right athletic gear for your child.

    i9 Sports has more than one million registered players nationwide. This program offers clinics, camps, and youth sports leagues for kids aged three to fourteen. It has a commitment to developing a lifelong customer. The i9 Sports franchise model emphasizes age-appropriate instruction and a culture of sportsmanship.

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