How to Vintage Barbie Fashion Dress Pack Classic for All Events

    Every little girl has an inner fashionista. And every little girl dreams about being a Barbie Doll. What would it look like if Barbie could wear our favorite dresses, tops and designer outfits? That’s why we have designed this Vintage Barbie Fashion Pack to inspire you. Whether you are playing with your favorite doll or dressing her to match the party theme, she is bound to look amazing in any of these vintage-inspired outfits! Whether you want your doll to coordinate with your wardrobe or get dressed up for that fancy event, it’s time to stock up on some vintage-inspired items for your perfect Barbie outfit. Here is everything you need to create that vintage look on your classic doll:

    The Basics

    It’s time to stock up on some basics for your vintage-inspired outfits. Pair it with your favorite maxi dress or blouse for a more refined look. Black Dress – Many girls love to wear black dresses because they go with everything and look sophisticated. Dress your Barbie up in a leather or a satin dress with a simple pair of black shoes. Long Sleeve Blouse – A simple white or light blue blouse paired with a denim or a pencil skirt is an elegant idea for a classic look. Make it more casual by wearing a dark wash denim or khaki shirt with it. Hats and Purses – A cute black fedora or a navy bucket hat goes well with any outfit to add a bit of vintage style to your look. You can also use it to coordinate with your black dress or top.

    Black and White

    From classic black and white to modern monochromatic looks, this combination is timeless. Add a black bag or a black clutch to complete the look. Shorts with Pockets – These are perfect for keeping your essentials safe and close to you. Pair it with a white tank or a tank top and some sneakers for a casual/active look. Sneakers and Boots – This is the perfect match to a skater dress or a short dress. Pair it with any of your top suggestions for a more formal look.

    Shorts with Pockets

    These are perfect for staying cool during the summer and they are also extremely versatile. You can wear them with almost anything and they pair excellently with almost any color. Frayed Short Shorts – A classic pair of shorts in a washed out colour is a timeless style. You can also try a pair of shorts with contrast colour piping or a stripe for an edgier look. Sleeveless Shorts and Tops – Pair these with a white tank top or a striped top and a neutral clutch for a more refined look. You can also wear them with a graphic tee or a denim jacket for a more casual look.

    Sneakers and Boots

    Getting a pair of vintage-inspired sneakers or boots is an easy way to update your look and add a bit of edge to your outfit. They are an excellent option for people with a shoe budget as well. Suede Pumps – These are perfect for any special occasion and for dressy occasions as well. Pair them with a long dress or a skirt and a blouse for a more formal look. Vintage Sneakers – These are famous for their comfort and they are perfect for everyday wear as well. You can also try a comfortable pair of black canvas sneakers for a more vintage look.

    Sweetheart Neckline Dresses and Skirts

    A sweetheart neckline is a classic feminine detail that adds depth and elegance to any outfit. It also exposes a bit of skin while hiding the midriff. Mermaid Tailcoat and Mermaid Prom Dress – These are perfect for any mermaid-inspired look. These dresses are short enough to pair with sandals or boots and long enough to pair with a tuxedo jacket for a formal look. Classic High-Waisted Shorts – If you don’t have any short shorts, a classic pair of high-waisted shorts is a great option for a more casual vintage look. You can wear them with a crop top or a band tee for a more Vintage Barbie Fashion Pack feel.

    Mermaid Tailcoat and Mermaid Prom Dress

    Mermaid Tailcoats and Mermaid Prom Dresses are another classic style that you can add to your vintage collection. They pair excellently with mermaid skirts and are long enough to pair with any pair of shoes.

    Classic High-Waist Shorts

    A classic pair of high-waist shorts is a perfect vintage look. Pair it with a white tank top or a striped top and sneakers for a more casual look. You can also pair it with a mermaid skirt or a mermaid tailcoat for a more formal look.

    Wrapping Up

    We hope that our Vintage Barbie Fashion Pack will inspire you to dress your doll up in vintage-inspired outfits. Whether you want to play with your doll, or you want her to be your perfect date, vintage-inspired looks are always a good option. So, lace up your corset, put on your coolest shades and let’s get started!

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