How to Join the Paparazzi Fashion Fix

    If you would like to join the Paparazzi fashion fix, there are a few steps you need to take to qualify. First, you must have a valid credit card. If you cannot provide a credit card, the program will not process your subscription or enrollment. If your card is declined twice, you will lose your subscription and enrollment in the program. If you are unsure of whether your card is declined or not, you can contact Paparazzi Support.

    Second, you can choose a monthly subscription. The service provides a new box of jewelry to its subscribers. Each box contains twenty-five new pieces, including five Trend Blends with four pieces each, exclusive Stylist Picks, Style Snapshots and fashion tip sheets. Each box also comes with a starter kit that includes a Trend Blends pack.

    Third, you can customize your box. Unlike the other subscription boxes, Paparazzi fashion fix has its own selection process. It is easy to create a customized look for yourself. A style profile will help you choose a look that suits your style. This can also help you make an order for other products that you may want to add to your monthly box.

    Fourth, it’s important to keep in mind that your Paparazzi fashion fix box does not have to be expensive. Many items in the Paparazzi box sell out within the first few hours of their release. However, some products are sold out in the first 12 hours! The goal is to keep your inventory as fresh as possible. The Fashion Fix is also a great way to keep your team active and hitting the Crown Club achievements. You’ll want to inform your team members about this as soon as possible.

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