How to Earn Swtor Tech Fragments in Star Wars

    Tech Fragments are items that can be used to upgrade the tech on your ship. You can receive Tech Fragments by completing missions in the Empire. The credits and crafting material you earn will depend on your current material level and mission level. Each mission also contains a random new item.

    Tech Fragments are not difficult to earn in SWTOR. Daily missions can be completed on some planets and provide 150 or 300 Tech Fragments. Flashpoints on Veteran and Master modes can also help you earn Tech Fragments. Onderon gives 500 Tech Fragments per day, while Mek-Sha grants 100. Another way to earn swtor tech fragments is to complete Galactic Starfighter tasks. These tasks are very easy to complete. Once you have completed 10 missions, you’ll receive a double reward, or 700 Tech Fragments.

    Another way to earn swtor tech fragments is to complete missions in the Story Mode. Story mode operations can be completed in under an hour. The Galactic Starfigher and PvP are also great ways to earn Tech Fragments. The time you spend doing these activities will depend on your speed and the amount of opponents you’re facing.

    Obtaining Tech Fragments is an important part of solo play in SWTOR. There are many ways to gain Tech Fragments, but the easiest way to get them is by using the Conquest method. You can complete a conquest goal as a solo player and get up to 500 Tech Fragments. Alternatively, you can join a guild and complete a conquest mission with the guild. This will earn you 300-500 Tech Fragments for each character.

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