Holistic Health Extension Little Bite Review

    Designed for teacup, toy, and miniature breed dogs, Health Extension Little Bites Extension dog food is rich in antioxidants and anti-hyperglycemic nutrients. This grain-free food is also hypo-allergenic. The company also offers a long-life supplement for your dog, Longevity Drops.

    Holistic Health Extension Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food

    Health Extension Little Bites Chicken & Brown Rice Formula Dry Dog Food is a complete and balanced diet that contains three types of highly digestible meat proteins. It is also enhanced with a unique blend of nutritional supplements to help your dog lead a longer, healthier life.

    This recipe contains organic chicken and highly digestible brown rice. It is also made with cutting-edge ingredients, such as flaxseed and probiotics, which promote joint health and improve digestion. Its reduced fat content means that it is great for senior dogs and overweight dogs.

    It also comes in several different sizes, including tiny little bites for teacup and toy breeds. It is also suitable for adult dogs and puppies. Its special formula for miniature dogs and teacups includes chicken that’s organically raised and wholesome. It also contains superfoods, natural probiotics, and omega-3 and 6 fatty acids. It also has an anti-hypoglycemic formula, making it a safe and delicious option for every dog.

    Another option is the health extension lite version, which is made in the USA and is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This grain-free dog food is high in protein and fiber but has very few calories. The Wellness CORE Reduced Fat is a grain-free and high-protein food that has 30% fewer calories than the original CORE recipes.

    This food is also high in MCT, a substance that is safe for dogs to consume. It has also been found to be effective in treating certain types of canine conditions, including canine cognitive dysfunction syndrome and chronic skin disorders. However, one ingredient in this food has received some controversy. Beet pulp is a high-fiber by-product from the sugar beet industry. While some critics condemn it as an unnecessary filler, others cite its beneficial effects for intestinal health and blood sugar levels.

    Holistic Health Extension Longevity Drops

    The Health Extension Longevity Drops are a natural, sugar-free way to feed your dog a nutritious diet. They contain vitamins, organic apple cider vinegar, malt syrup, brewer’s yeast, and astragalus. These products are safe and effective, and are made in the USA.

    Chicken & Brown Rice

    For tiny dogs, Health Extension Little Bites Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe dry dog food is an ideal choice. It contains a combination of quality ingredients like organic chicken and brown rice. Additionally, the food contains flaxseed, coconut oil, and natural probiotics for a healthy digestive system. This food is formulated in small, perfectly sized kibbles that are perfect for toy and teacup dogs.

    The Health Extension line of dry dog foods includes six recipes, each with the AAFCO nutrient profile for all life stages. Each recipe also includes information on supplementation and unspecified ingredients. We chose Chicken & Brown Rice Little Bites as a representative of the company’s other dry dog foods and conducted a recipe analysis for it.


    Health Extension Little Bites Buffalo & Whitefish Recipe Dry Dog Food is a grain-free dog food made specifically for teacup, toy, and miniature breeds. This food is a complete and balanced diet for smaller breeds. It is made in the USA and is loaded with essential fatty acids and vitamins. It is also free of corn and wheat, so it is great for dogs with sensitive digestive tracts.

    This grain-free formula contains chelated minerals, which are more easily absorbed by the body. It has a dry matter protein reading of 28% and a fat level of 17%. It also has an estimated carbohydrate content of 48%. The fat-to-protein ratio is 61%, which is lower than average for grain-free dog foods.

    Health Extension uses the best ingredients to create their grain-free formula. The company has been making holistic dog and cat food and treats since 1963. Their process includes 140 checks on every recipe. It’s also a member of the Pet Sustainability Coalition, which champions sustainable practices. If you’re looking for a grain-free, meat-free dog treat, Health Extension is the brand for you.


    Holistic Health Extension Little Bites dog food is made especially for teacup, toy and miniature breed puppies and adult dogs. It has anti-hypoglycemic and antioxidant formulations. It’s also made with whole grains for a better digestion. This is a great food for puppies with sensitive stomachs!

    Holistic Health Extension is committed to providing dogs with the proper nutrition. They produce dog and cat food recipes that offer holistic nutrition and healthy ingredients to support a longer life. These recipes are offered in wet and dry forms, and they come in both grain-free and healthy grain-based varieties.

    One of the best parts of Health Extension dog food is that it’s USDA inspected. This means that it’s guaranteed to be free of antibiotics and hormones. The ingredients used in Health Extension Dog Food are also completely natural and contain no artificial ingredients. You can find 100% authentic Health Extension products at PetCareRx. And if you’re a PetPlus member, you can get even greater discounts on Holistic Health Extension Pet Food.

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