Hearthstone Tech Decks

    There are many different types of tech deck hearthstone. Here are some of the most popular ones. These are Mind Control Tech, Spellbreaker, Golakka Crawler, and Nerubian Unraveler. You can use any of these to dominate your opponents. Read on to learn more about them. You can even use them to destroy your opponent’s board, or even their Hearthstone account!


    Mind Control Tech

    The Mind Control tech deck hearthstone is one of the most high-rolling options in the game. It costs 3 mana and takes control of a random minion. This spell is best played against minions, as these types of decks often have weak early-game minion play, but can disrupt the opponent’s tempo by stealing their minion. Below are some of the decks that can best exploit Mind Control Tech.

    The Mind Control Tech deck is an excellent choice if you want to play a non-aggro deck. Its ability to steal a random minion is extremely powerful and is comparable to Dr. Boom, but with an improved battlecry. Mind Control Tech has a range of effects, and it’s a solid choice for anyone who wants to make a difference. While many players don’t like the name of the deck, it’s a solid choice for anyone looking for a defensive Druid deck.

    As mentioned, this deck has many advantages. The most notable of these is the ability to double buff two minions in your opponent’s hand. Mind Control Tech also helps you with Handlock, Twilight Drakes, and taunted Giants. And the Dark Peddler is also excellent. By taking advantage of his abilities, you can change the dynamic of the board. Lastly, the deck is extremely strong in a variety of matchups.



    Despite its name, Spellbreaker is not a healer. However, it is a useful card in aggro decks that can backpedal enchantments and provide damage to minion lands. This is particularly useful against the Warlock, Mana Wyrm, and Argent Squire. In addition, Spellbreaker can also be useful against the Voidlord and Exodia Mage. However, spellbreaker can also be problematic in aggro decks, so it’s not a good choice for the Aggro Druid.

    While Spellbreaker can be a good tech card, it is not the best choice for a Mage or a Hunter. The reason behind this is that it can be vulnerable against classes that often play weapons. As such, it’s best to avoid it in the tech deck altogether. However, the best tech card for a Mage is Sorcerer’s Apprentice. For a Hunter, the best choice is King’s Elekk.

    When building a tech deck, you need to carefully consider what kinds of strategies you will face in the meta. If you’re bad against aggro, you should tech Silencer. On the other hand, if you’re good against control, you should tech Spellbreaker. These tech cards will boost your win rate. However, you need to think carefully about the downsides of each card before choosing a specific one.


    Golakka Crawler

    When considering what tech deck cards to include in your Standard collection, one of the most popular is the Golakka Crawler. This creature is very effective at taking away tempo from an opponent’s hand, allowing you to buy time and set up your next powerful turn. Not to mention its cheap cost. But how can this card fit into a deck? Read on to find out!

    The flavor text for the Golakka Crawler is based on the popular meme “Pirates versus Ninjas.” The story revolves around a hypothetical battle between pirates and ninjas. Then, the two groups of players debate over who would win. This makes this card an excellent tech deck against Pirates. But it’s important to remember that despite the Golakka Crawler’s popularity, it is not the best choice for your Hearthstone tech deck.

    The Golakka Crawler is a fantastic card if used correctly. But if used incorrectly, it’s a dead draw. For example, if you’re playing a Pirate deck, you’d want to avoid activating the Battlecry effects of your Crawler. And since neither crab is good at building tribal synergy, teching against yourself might not be the best option.


    Nerubian Unraveler

    If you’re looking to improve your spellcasting abilities, you’ll want to try the Nerubian Unraveler. This tech card has been a popular choice for tech decks in Hearthstone for several years. It has an Epic Neutral mana cost, and it affects all spell cards. All spells will cost more mana when it’s equipped with Nerubian Unraveler.

    A Darkest Hour Warlock may also want to consider a Nerubian Unraveler tech build. It’s a strong deck for combo turns, and the card Poison Seeds is an excellent 4 mana card. However, you should consider the tempo of the deck when choosing your minions. Generally, Darkest Hour Warlocks can lock the board with one Bloodbloom.

    The tech deck Nerubian Unraveler features some strange and sometimes wacky cards, but they are effective. It can prevent Tempo Rogue from using combos and can counter its own abilities. It also has a number of cheap weapons, making it ideal for aggro Paladins and other aggro decks. If you want to make sure your deck stays competitive, a Nerubian Unraveler may be the answer.

    Corrosive Sludge

    Corrosive Sludge is a neutral minion that can be obtained through crafting. It’s a solid weapon removal tool that offers decent stats for a 5-Mana minion. It also works well against Legendary weapons. In general, Corrosive Sludge is an excellent tech card for any tech deck. The main difference between Corrosive Sludge and the other three is the cost.

    The Sludge Pump has two modes of firing. You can tap the fire button to fire a single fragment of sludge, or hold the button to fire a sludge bomb. This corrosive projectile coats enemies and creates a puddle that slows down enemies that walk over it. Each of the five modifications is different, and varies in damage.

    Fel Reaver

    The Fel Reaver is one of the most powerful cards in Hearthstone. This 8/8 monstrosity costs five mana, and it can be played on the fourth turn or even earlier in games where you can’t draw any cards. If you want to deal eight damage a turn with a tech deck, this card is an excellent choice. In addition, the mechanics of this card mean that it can run your deck dry quickly if you play too many of them.

    Fel Reaver has a lot of potential. If your opponent has a lot of minion control, Fel Reaver can be an excellent choice. It can also be a viable midrange deck. Just make sure to avoid playing it face all the time. Fel Reaver can be destroyed by an AOE clear, so don’t forget to play it cautiously.

    Another card to consider is the Bittertide Hydra. While this tech deck is similar to Fel Reaver, it does have some big drawbacks. It hurts the hero. However, this card could fit well into Priest decks, where the meta is likely to be slower. This card can be a game-winning option in the early game, and can also be a gamble against control decks. It can also give you a turn of ignoring big creatures, allowing you to focus on other players for a few turns.


    A common question I receive is what cards work best for Renolock in tech decks. The answer is pretty much anything, but most people don’t play Refreshment Vendor in their decks. If you’re looking to try out Renolock in a tech deck, consider Medivh the Guardian. This early build on the ladder has all the cards Renolock is known for and also has several powerful late game cards. The deck is strong against aggro, and its cards such as Twisting Nether and Siphon Soul synergize nicely with its atiesh weapon. It also includes Prince Malchezaar.

    Earlier this year, Renolock was quite popular, but it has fallen out of favor with the release of Standard. Some of the older cards from this deck – Antique Healbot and Sludge Belcher – were removed. This made the deck less viable, but Hoej and Fr0zen made it work in a tech deck, and have filled in the holes with additional 6/6 cards like Deathrattles.

    While many Renolock players prefer the combo over the lethal nature of this card, I personally prefer the lethal combination with Leeroy Jenkins. However, this deck requires securing Thaurissan cards, so I would recommend Golem Arcano instead. It is simpler to play and more versatile. You can try this combo out to find out what works best for you. So, play Reno, if you’re in a tech deck, and you’ll see your opponents fall into place.

    Hearthstone Tech Decks

    Using the tech deck in Hearthstone gives you a leg up on your opponent. Most professional Hearthstone matches come down to a single play: whether it’s a big minion or a small one, or a board clear, it can win or lose the game. Because the tech cards are more specific, it increases your chances of finding the right card at the right time. Here are some examples of tech decks in Hearthstone:


    Golakka Crawler

    A neutral minion card in the Journey to Un’Goro set, Golakka Crawler makes an excellent tech card against Pirate decks. Its name hints at the Golakka Hot Springs located in western Un’goro Crater, which contains geysers and heated pools patrolled by Steaming Fury elementals. While it’s an odd card choice, Golakka Crawler is a good choice for a Pirate deck.

    The Pirates and Weapons tech deck is designed to wipe out opponents quickly. It is heavily dependent on card draw RNG and good matchups to succeed. However, the Golakka Crawler will make this deck more difficult to control early on. In addition, the Haunted Creeper will generate a lot of tokens and synergizes with other minions, such as Houndmaster and Knife Jugler.

    Even Shamans have a good tech deck, including Windfury, Golakka Crawler, Octosari, and Vessina. These tech cards can help even out the matchups and help the deck win games. In addition to Golakka Crawler, other tech cards include Windfury, Vessina, Storm Bringer, and Octosari.

    The current meta is filled with Pirate and Murloc Warrior decks. The current meta also includes several decks featuring Hungry Crab, Golakka Crawler, and Pirate Warrior. Several tech cards can help you deal with the Pirates and Murlocs. And while you may be limited in your deck selection, there’s a good chance that you will find the perfect card to solve a particular situation.

    Mind Control Tech

    A Mind Control tech deck hearthstone can generate massive board swings, even when playing a low-cost card. Despite its unspectacular look, Mind Control Tech is often included in Constructed decks to counter aggressive board flooding and Warlock Zoo. Mind Control Tech can steal a powerful early-game minion and disrupt your opponent’s tempo. As one of the most powerful spells in Hearthstone, this card is a powerful choice against both minions and creatures.

    The best way to use MC Tech in your board control deck is to play Big Game Hunter. This character is comparable to Dr. Boom, but has a much stronger battlecry. Its battlecry ensures the destruction of a minion with seven or more attack. Another powerful feature of MC Tech is its ability to steal a random minion and affect the board in multiple ways. A good way to use MC Tech in your Hearthstone deck is to use it early to curve out and get value.

    A good strategy for controlling the board is to use the best cards. Mind Control Tech and Mountain Giant are the most powerful cards in the game, but they’re not the best options for every situation. You can experiment with your deck to find the best way to win the game. But no matter what deck you choose, remember to be aware of the different strategies. Using these three cards will ensure that your board is more predictable and will allow you to focus on your strategy.

    Nerubian Unraveler

    If you’re considering building a tech deck hearthstone, you might be interested in the Nerubian Unraveler. This card can work as both a support and a removal spell, depending on your preference. This card has the potential to become a tech card in the future. While it’s not quite as powerful as other removal spells, it’s still very good for destroying spell-heavy decks and hindering Miracle Rogue. The Nerubian Unraveler can also be used in Arena, and has below-average stats for its Mana cost. It can give you protection from removal spells and delay their effect.

    The mainstay of the Darkest Hour Warlock tech deck is Ragnaros, though Kel’thuzad has been making Ragnaros obsolete in some decklists. Kel’thuzad can protect the Nerubian Unraveler when he runs out of combo. A second option is to play a plague of flames after Kel’thuzad. However, Ragnaros is best in the absence of a combo since it has an immediate effect and does not require other minions to be strong.

    The Nerubian Unraveler is an excellent choice for a cube Hunter. While this class is quite strong, it has low win rates against Priests. Its low cost allows it to aggressively tech for matchups against the Nerubian Unraveler. The Nerubian Unraveler is a rare card that costs just five mana to play, making it a great choice for a tech deck.

    Corrosive Sludge

    In Hearthstone’s tech deck, you can use Corrosive Sludge, a neutral minion. It costs 5 mana and coats enemies in sludge. This corrosive substance creates a puddle that slows down enemies that walk over it. The Corrosive Sludge card has five tiers, with two or three upgrades in each tier. You can boost its damage by increasing its Charged Area Damage or increasing the number of spawned fragments that it creates.

    Taunt Warrior

    As a Warrior, you’ve probably noticed that the Taunt Warrior has become a more prominent part of the Tech deck in the latest expansion. In addition to being an efficient control deck, he can provide power spikes early in the game. The Taunt package allows you to replace your Rush package with Taunt cards, which have an immediate impact on the board. And with the Saviors of Uldum expansion, you’ll be seeing more of them.

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