Health Tarot Spreads

    The health tarot spread is an exploratory approach to readings that identify and reveal issues regarding the physical and mental health of the individual. While a health tarot spread is not a cure-all, it can provide useful information about what a person should do to improve his or her overall health. This type of spread is particularly useful for those who suffer from chronic illnesses, which medical practitioners may not fully understand. These patients may already be self-medicating and seeking advice from tarot.

    The health card indicates that you need to focus on your overall health. It might indicate issues with bones, teeth, joints, and aging skin. It may also indicate complications related to the brain and blood pressure. In addition, it can indicate issues with mental health, sleep disorders, or hidden diseases. The Tower card will also warn you against extreme emotional reactions.

    A health Tarot spread with the Five of Pentacles can indicate that you need to take steps to improve your general health. If you have been suffering from constipation, for instance, this spread may indicate that you need to seek medical attention. Alternatively, the spread may indicate that you need to take medication or have a massage. In either case, it’s a good idea to practice meditation every day.

    A general health reading is a quick and easy way to get insight on a situation. It is useful in daily situations, but if you want to get deeper into an ongoing issue, you can use this type of spread. During the reading, the cards should be laid out in a T-shape. The first card represents the subject’s health in the past, while the second card focuses on future health.

    The Devil reversed can mean you have a tight financial situation or are impulsive. This can also indicate you have a mental health problem, such as stress or anxiety. It may also indicate that you are overcoming a habit or getting back on track after a long period of time. If you are suffering from a mental health problem, you should seek professional help. A reversed Devil may indicate a new lease of life.

    In a health tarot spread, the Page of Wands can indicate that an action will be taken in an effort to improve your health. This action could be an exercise routine, new relationships, or a travel adventure. The health tarot spread can also signal a new spiritual path.

    Some health issues associated with Mercury in Cancer are nervous indigestion, phlegm, or flatulence. Other symptoms are related to issues with the lungs or circulatory system. A health reading with these cards may include a health issue related to fear, sexual abuse, or a health condition that is related to the underlying root cause of the issue. One should avoid using this health tarot spread if he or she is suffering from chronic fatigue.

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