GWAC Schedules Sports

    The gwac schedules sports for its member schools. Parish and school requests for schedules are also considered, but due to the volume of parish events, the schedules of individual players cannot be provided. However, the GSAC will provide sports schedules for teams and open weeks.

    GSAC Schedules are Available for a Variety of Sports

    The GSAC has released its schedules for the upcoming fall and spring seasons. Regardless of the sport, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved. From basketball to soccer, the GSAC has schedules for a wide variety of teams. Some sports have additional open weeks while others have double-header weeks.

    The GSAC is a unique conference and is affiliated with the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics. It was created in 1986 by like-minded institutions. Its membership is purposefully aligned with each other based on similar enrollment figures. In addition, athletic scholarships are linked with the cost of education for each member.

    They Include Open Weeks

    The GSAC, or Georgia State Athletic Conference, approves its schedules every year. GSAC schedules for all sports include open weeks and are required to be evenly divided. Open weeks are required to provide time for practice and competition. All teams in the conference must play at least one regular season game, and two are open for the following season.

    They are Available for Schools in the Parish

    To determine if a sport is available in your school, please contact the gwac schedules sports. This organization will provide the necessary paperwork to determine the availability of the sport. Once the paperwork has been submitted, schools can submit schedule requests. These requests must be submitted by the sport coordinator and forwarded to GWAC. GWAC makes every effort to accommodate the schedule requests of schools within the parish. However, individual player or coach conflicts are not always considered due to the high volume of parish events.

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