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    Gunnermaniac’s parents were both in the medical profession, so the word “gunner” was used frequently when he was young to describe a try-hard, overachieving individual. Later, during middle school, he added “maniac” to his name. Since he was a small child, gunnermaniac health has been playing video games for consoles, beginning with Luigi’s Mansion, then moving on to Pokemon, Yoshi’s Island, and World of Warcraft as a teenager.

    Gunnermaniac’s Experience with Speedrunning

    Gunnermaniac has a lot of experience with speedrunning Pokemon games, and has competed in two GDQs so far. His most recent GDQ race was at SGDQ 2016. Pokemon Gold/Silver last competed at GDQ in 2014, when the game was run by Shenanagans. This will be the first time the game will be run in an Any% Glitchless format.

    His Experience with Speedrunning

    Gunnermaniac first became interested in speedrunning when he discovered a video by Tihex who was playing Yoshi’s Island. Tihex’s speedrun amazed gunnermaniac health and reminded him of Super Smash Bros. After the video, Tihex took a two-month break from streaming, but left a link to his speedrun on SpeedRunsLive. This prompted Gunnermaniac to visit his stream. He later discovered Werster, who is a fellow speedrunner.

    His Free Time

    When gunnermaniac health was younger, his parents were in the medical field. He often used the word “gunner” to refer to overachieving try-hards, but during middle school, he decided to add the word “maniac” to his name. Since he was a child, he’s been playing console video games. Early on, he played games like Luigi’s Mansion, Yoshi’s Island, Pokemon, and World of Warcraft. In his free time, he spent time on various forums and watched some of his favorite players’ streams, such as Trihex’s.

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