Gemstone Entertainment VHS Tapes

    There are two types of Gemstone Entertainment VHS tapes: regular and UAV. Regular VHS tapes have a standard screen, which is black with a white border; and UAV tapes have a black background and their own tracking control disclaimers in the logo. The voiceover for Gemstone Entertainment VHS tapes is different, and can be heard much louder. If you prefer a UAV tape, there are many to choose from.

    Variant of the PLEASE ADJUST TRACKING FOR BEST PICTURE QUALITY on the 1989 Video Treasures VHS of Class

    The ‘Please Adjust Tracking’ message has a few variations. Some videotapes have it on both sides. Some videos with this message are from Starmaker and Drive Entertainment. Others are from Video Treasures. In a rare case, the title of the film will be ‘Please Adjust Tracking’ followed by ‘THANK YOU’.

    A different variant of the ‘PLEASE ADJUST TRACKING FOR BEST Picture Quality’ message appears on certain Home Video releases. Some feature films for families release tapes with this message. The messages are read from a white typewriter-like font. The scare factor is minimal to none. Occasionally, these videos may have a different announcer.

    The same text appears on many home video releases from the ’90s, but there are also some without it. The text is white with black shading and states ‘ADJUST TRACKING FOR BEST PICTURE QUALITY.’ This bumper was adopted for Home Video tapes in the late 90s.

    The ‘Please Adjust Tracking For Best Picture Quality’ message appears on many titles of the 1990s. The message features a picture of a man with a wrench, and the rest of the text scrolls up to reveal the rest of itself. The message is a ‘VHS of Class’ title that was released by Media Home Entertainment.

    Usually, the easiest way to fix the error is to use the same VCR as the tape was recorded on. However, if this is not possible, the best solution is to break the VCR and use a new one. In order to fix the error, you will need the help of a VCR alignment geek or manual tracking mechanic. You can also check Google Books for VCR service manuals.

    Voiceover on Gemstone Entertainment VHS tapes

    If you’re wondering whether the voiceover on Gemstone Entertainment VHS tapes is recognizable, it can be tricky to decipher. Some have a faint tremor, while others are distinctly pronounced. However, if you know what to look for, you should be able to spot the difference. Here are some tips to help you identify Gemstone Entertainment tapes. Using the right terminology is essential, and here are some examples.

    Warner Home Video uses the UAV logo as its warning screen. The font is white with a blue background, with a UAV logo on it. The warning is typically accompanied by music. Other labels, including the Gemstone Entertainment and Ovation Home Video labels, use the Arial Bold font. In addition to UAV, some companies use a different font. If a film is released by a non-major studio, then the font used on it should be Arial Bold.


    Gemstone Entertainment VHS Warnings

    The warning relates to SVE Entertainment, Ovation Home Video, and Gemstone Entertainment, as well as the Sterling and Churchill Media labels. The warning for SVE Entertainment is essentially the same as that of Lionsgate and Clearvue, but it has the word “FBI WARNING” in place of “WARNING.”

    Warning Screen

    A warning screen for a gemstone entertainment vhs is an example of a warning screen that is both common and rare. This warning screen, used by several companies, can be confusing and hard to understand. While the FBI warning screen is a relatively common one, the Silver and Gold versions are not. They both display the same message, but the color scheme and fonts are a little different. The Gold Warning Screen is more common than the Silver Warning Screen, but they are not entirely similar.

    One exception is the warning screen used by the Sterling Entertainment Group. It appeared on their VHS tapes in the early 1990s. The tapes contain the warning, but are not as common as those from the earlier warning. They usually begin with Curious George Comes to America and end with George Orwell’s Animal Farm, but one of these tapes made a surprise appearance on Where the Red Fern Grows Part II.

    Variant of the PLEASE ADJUST TRACKING FOR BEST PICTURE QUALITY on the 1989 Video Treasures VHS of Class

    The trademarked bumper is a common occurrence on many home video releases, but not all of them are the same. Some Cinema Club VHS releases do not have it, while others do. This variant has white text and black shading and reads, “ADJUST YOUR TRACKING FOR BEST PICTURE QUALITY.”

    A few titles contain this cryptic warning. On a 1990 copy of Madeline, the logo of Media Home Entertainment was present. Some random house home video releases, including Inspector Gadget tapes and The Bernstein Bears, had a similar warning. The text is essentially the same as the original, though it is a slightly different style.

    Another variant of the PLEASE ADJUST TRACKING FOR BEST PICTURE QUALITY warning logo appears on some Feature Films for Families releases. The text is in white typewriter-style font. A man is reading the message and the scare factor is minimal. Sometimes the announcer reads a different message.

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