Five Ways to Avoid Accidental Nudity in Sports

    You’ve probably heard stories of accidental nudity in sports. From Steve “Psycho” Lyons to Kerri Walsh Jennings, there are plenty of incidents where athletes and sports enthusiasts have been caught off-guard. But is accidental nudity in sports really an issue? The answer is a resounding “yes”! Read on to learn more about the most notorious sports nudity cases. And, as always, please share your own!

    Diving-Related Wardrobe Malfunction

    When you’re diving from several meters in the air, you’re bound to experience a Diving-related wardrobe malfunction. The force of the water hitting your body can easily rip your bathing suit off. While Jenifer Benitez escaped this problem at the 2012 London Olympics, others have had the unfortunate experience. Here are some examples of wardrobe malfunctions that happened to celebrities while diving. Here are five ways to avoid these embarrassing moments.

    Speed Skater’s Wardrobe Malfunction

    Many accidental nudity in sports have an element of accidental nudity. For example, athletes often wear bikinis or pencil-thin underwear during competitions. And there’s nothing funnier than a sportswoman’s wardrobe malfunction! One such incident happened during the Olympics in Sochi, Russia, when American diver Olga Graf was captured in an underwater hand grab. Although it’s an extremely rare occurrence, the moment can leave a sportswoman wondering if undergarments are really necessary.

    Steve “Psycho” Lyons’ Wardrobe Malfunction

    In a recent book, Dodgers TV analyst Steve “Psycho” Lyons invites readers to debate the most outrageous moments in baseball history. He rates his first event a 9.7 on a one-to-ten scale, the moment when he dropped his pants in front of a field full of fans. The story is so accidental nudity in sports ridiculous that Lyons admits that he felt like the ladies were waving money at him, but later regretted it.

    Kerri Walsh Jennings’ Wardrobe Malfunction

    In 2009, the Olympic gold medalist and member of the best beach volleyball team in history accidentally exposed her bottom during a body issue of ESPN’s “ESPN Magazine”. Jennings stripped off in a swimsuit while she was pregnant with her third child, but she was not the only athlete to suffer from a wardrobe malfunction during an event. Italian swimmer Flavia Zoccari was also exposed to the public after her swimming suit burst, and her modesty was covered by dirty dishes.

    A recent incident accidental nudity in sports involving the best beach volleyball player in the world sparked a huge controversy. Kerri Walsh Jennings was practicing when she fell on the sand and was instantly nudged. After the incident, Jennings went to the sidelines and picked up a towel for her partner Ross. Then she walked back on the court to get rid of the men’s attention.

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