Five of the Best Spark Plug Entertainment Movies

    The logo for spark plug entertainment movies is very simple, and you can recognize it from a mile away. It appears on a black or white screen in an unusually-shaped scarlet cursive font, and has a drawing of a spark plug beneath the word “ENTERTAINMENT.” The logo is designed by Derek Yesman. Interestingly, it’s the only movie logo that has a copyright notice below it, which is a very common practice among movie studios.

    Spark Plug Entertainment

    The company produces computer-animated features. The company’s DVDs are sold at leading retailers and broadcast on Starz premium cable channel. Founded in 2006, Spark Plug Entertainment movies is known for producing “mockbusters,” or movies that take advantage of the huge success of major blockbuster movies. While the company has not released a new movie in many years, Michael Schelp is still in business. Here are five of his best films.

    In his first movie, “The Invasion of the Ants,” Michael Schelp plays the role of an ant who lives a lavish lifestyle and belongs to the Barnyard Social Registry. In this comedy, he teams up with a tough-talking spider, Tiffany Pembroke III, to build an ant hill for the kingdom. However, Walter’s lies and misbehavior test their friendship and cause problems. “UFOs” and “ghosts” are the culprits in some instances, but Tiffany Pembroke III proves to be a wiser choice.

    Michael Schelp

    The computer-animated feature films produced by Michael Schelp’s Spark Plug Entertainment are not for the faint of heart. In fact, they feature Z-Grade editing, atrocious voice acting, and uninspired character designs. In 2006, Schelp started the company, and it has since produced over a dozen films. Among these films are Bug Bites, Spider’s Web, and Piper Penguin. But how do you judge a movie based on its cover?

    Sunday School Musical

    Sunday School Musical is a train wreck of a musical film. It aims to be similar to Disney’s High School Musical franchise, but takes a drasticly different approach to the storyline. The movie follows a group of teenagers who are enthralled by a song-and-dance competition, and while the plot is pretty standard, it’s not what you would call “spark plug entertainment movies.”

    The film doesn’t even take place in a Sunday school. Instead, it takes place in a regular school. The songs are relentless, and there is little background information. A movie like Sunday School Musical isn’t for the faint-hearted, but it’s good for the family or for children. Its soundtrack is reminiscent of the original version and is filled with memorable songs. However, if you’re looking for a fun, light-hearted family movie, don’t go to the movies that feature a teen band.


    A Car’s Life 4

    While many people enjoyed the first Car’s Life film, the sequel Sparky’s Big Adventure received overwhelming negative reviews. The film’s shoddy CGI animation and subpar voice acting caused it to stay under the radar for some time. It also contains some strange elements, such as the presence of a creepy, dark figure. However, the film’s climax is still entertaining, even if it doesn’t live up to expectations.

    A Car’s Life 4 is a sequel to A, Cars franchise films A, B, C, and Sparky’s Big Adventure. This new installment introduces new characters, a junkyard, and an ending. It’s also filled with a few new additions to the franchise, like a song-singing car. Although the storyline is still a bit predictable, it does feature some new elements. While it’s not particularly engaging, A Car’s Life 4 is still a fun family movie.

    A Car’s Life: Sparky’s Big Adventure is an All-CGI cartoon produced by spark plug entertainment movies. The series follows Sparky, a rebellious young car who intentionally drives over potholes in order to launch himself into adventure. Sparky’s adventures are led by the shady Diesel, who has an evil plot. In this season, Sparky is on a mission to make a name for himself and help people.

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